Tomorrow belongs to us: will Jessica leave Sète? – News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: will Jessica leave Sète? – News Series on TV
Tomorrow belongs to us: will Jessica leave Sète? – News Series on TV

Just one month after her big return in Tomorrow Belongs to Us, is Jessica about to leave Sète? Answer !

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

After leaving Tomorrow Belongs to Us in June 2010, Garance Teillet, the interpreter of Jessica Moreno, made her comeback under the Sète sun on April 4.

A complicated return for the young woman since she suffered a series of disappointments, notably becoming the target of numerous threats but also of several sabotages.

Although she was still able to present her new collection and raise money for the charity La maison rose, Jessica was far from suspecting that the problems would continue. Indeed, Charles (Roberto Calvet), the man with whom she fell in love, did not hesitate to steal the money from the kitty to repay his debts.

A terrible betrayal which will obviously lead her to put an end to her love affair with Charles. But the Moreno girl could well make another radical decision during the next episodes of the TF1 daily soap opera…

Will Jessica leave Sète?

The answer is unfortunately yes.

Only a month after her return to Tomorrow belongs to us, the daughter of Christelle (Ariane Séguillon) and Sylvain (Arnaud Henriet) will leave for Paris in the episode which will be broadcast on May 7, 2024.

According to information from News CurrentJessica is going away for three months to sell her collection in a pop-up store in the capital.

A more or less hasty departure which promises to raise questions, especially since Jessica will announce to those around her that she has left Charles without giving the real reasons. At the same time, the latter will also refrain from telling the police that Damien’s brother is behind the theft of the kitty.

As for knowing if Jessica will one day return to Tomorrow Belongs to Us, we will have to be patient. Knowing that the young woman is absent for a period of three in order to sell her collection and that the theft case is far from being resolved, it would however not be impossible to see the Moreno girl again under the Sète sun in the months to come…



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