Google really wants you to update Messages, even if it’s a pain

Google is rolling out a new way to trick you into updating the Messages app. It is surprising by its insistence and could very quickly prove annoying for many users.

Even more than our smartphonesit is very important to update your mobile applications. This is the only way to apply bug fixesfill security failures and of course add new features. You may have chosen to enable automatic updates in the Play store so as not to think about it, or you go there from time to time to see if there are any waiting. Sometimes it’s the app itself that notifies you when you open it. A behavior that we find particularly in those of Google.

As far as they are concerned, the warning takes the form of a popup which is displayed when opening the application. Either you press the button that opens the Play Store to proceed with the update, or you close the window which will not reappear in the future. Simple, effective, and above all very non-intrusive. Google has obviously decided that this is not happening since a fairly significant change in this area has been spotted in Messages and chances are you won’t like it.

If an update is available for Google Messages, you won’t miss it

Opening Messages takes you to the conversations page as usual, but if an update is available, it’s a full page warning which is displayed. We find the buttons there Learn more And To update. In a pinch, it’s not that annoying. Except that there is a subtlety: if you close the window using the cross at the top right, it will reappear every time you open the app without having done the mentioned update.

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We can understand that Google really wants us to take advantage of the latest Messages features like quick reactions or sending GIFs at the same time as text, but insisting so much will quickly become tiresome. And don’t expect this to be limited to Google apps, the change can in theory be applied to all as long as the developers integrate it.

Source: Android Authority



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