one more feature less, what’s left?

The free version of Spotify sees a feature disappear from the application: the lyrics of the songs. Yet another feature less in an increasingly unattractive subscription-free model, while Spotify’s prices are increasing.

Spotify logo // Source: Alexander Shatov – Unsplash

The exasperation of users of the free version of Spotify is growing. According to them, the platform is doing everything to force them to upgrade to Spotify Premium. This is evidenced by the recent disappearance of the display of song lyrics, which is now only accessible to those who pay.

Lyrics and lyrics and lyrics“, yes, but more for everyone

The case actually dates back to last September: Spotify was testing the removal of lyrics from certain free users. In other words, they could no longer read the lyrics of the songs on their application. Several months after its tests, Spotify made its decision: the lyrics will now be reserved for Spotify Premium subscribers.

Source: geoon_Midas via Reddit

This is therefore the end for a large part of the users of the music streaming service of access to a functionality which has been present for years. Behind this, there is obviously a commercial logic: those who were attached to the lyrics will have to take out the subscription.

More words, more words, the same words»: Spotify no longer convinces

As reportedAndroid Authority, users have expressed their frustration over yet another Spotify restriction for those who don’t want to pay. The constraints encountered with the free version are more and more numerous: advertisements, random playback, inability to download songs, six track skips per hour, etc.

Spotify // Source: ElR – Frandroid

Especially since on the other hand, Spotify is increasing its prices. The next planned increase is linked to the “streaming tax» in France, while the subscription costs 11 euros per month (6 euros for students). Among the possible alternatives, we think of Deezer or YouTube Music, although they are not without faults. For example, YouTube Music is very flexible (no random playback in particular), except for one point: it is impossible to listen to music in the background without paying.



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