The puppeteer, Yoanelle Stratman: “We have only very good feedback on Our little inclinations”

The puppeteer, Yoanelle Stratman: “We have only very good feedback on Our little inclinations”
The puppeteer, Yoanelle Stratman: “We have only very good feedback on Our little inclinations”

Our little inclinations, a puppet story, without words, questions us about our relationship to happiness. With this funny and touching family show, the Compagnie Des Fourmis dans la lanterne attempts to answer this vast question. To enjoy, Saturday May 4, at 10:30 a.m., at La Maison.

Being happy, isn’t that what everyone is looking for in our society?

The Compagnie Des Fourmis dans la lanterne, based in Lille (North), with its play Our little inclinationsattempts to answer this vast question about the injunction of happiness with its puppet show.

A play that is both funny and touching, even a little committed, sprinkled with nice special effects and good music, which will delight young and old, Saturday May 4, at La Maison, in Nevers.

Yoanelle Stratman who wrote, created and performs Our little inclinations (with Pierre-Yves Guinais) reveals the underside of this original creation performed nearly two hundred times.

Like little hardworking ants, these two talented puppeteer artists offer a universe that is at once endearing, poetic and intimate. Each creation is, for the company, a world in its own right, highlighting profound social issues in an informed manner.

What message does this show want to convey?

We wrote it during Covid. We started from the observation that happiness has, today, become a pure consumer product. We see this with the number of books published each year on personal development. In advertisements, on posters, this injunction of happiness is everywhere. This is the subject of Eva Ilouz’s book, Happy Cratie. This writer explains that seeking happiness individually prevents collective dynamics, such as mutual aid.

This search for happiness is completely counterproductive. It can even become heavy.

In fact, there are many people who make themselves sick by not being happy. We see it, for example, on social networks, with all these big, let’s say, “facade” smiles.

From what age can you come see this show?

I would say 7 years. This is the age from which we can understand beyond the first degree and where the notion of concept appears. The idea of ​​this show is to show that we have the right, quite simply, not to be happy and to be different. Is a successful life necessarily a happy life? Why should we hide our so-called “negative” emotions?

We use a lot of metaphors to represent all of this since it is a show of images, above all.

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In this puppet theater, with its rather offbeat aesthetics, these characters with small inclinations crying out with truth, question us about our quest for happiness. They all have their own way of looking for it…

How did you make these puppets?

On the previous show, on freedom of expression, we worked on paper, with a whole play of Chinese shadows. For this one, we wanted to change subject. So, we chose wool which has a soft, organic and warm side. And then, the wool lets the light of their little hearts shine through. We worked with an artist who specialized in felt. We felted the little bodies of our puppets ourselves. It took us hours! Their head is very light, made of polystyrene. For the eyes, we used marbles, this really lights up the puppets’ eyes.

From the company of Philippe Genty

Is the manipulation of these puppets complex?

I would say it’s a kind of choreography… We are standing behind the tables, certainly sometimes a little running (laughs). Everyone must know exactly where to place their hands. It’s a very written score, there is no improvisation.

premium The Philippe Genty company will present its new creation

What feedback do you have on this show?

Very good feedback. And then, we are always pleasantly surprised by the quality of attention that we manage to obtain from children, in this time of screens and where everything moves very quickly. At the end of the very intimate show, we like to invite the public to come and take a closer look at the puppets. We love talking with him. We also give a small booklet to families. Afterwards, everyone is free to form their own idea, to make the story their own…

Did you already know La Maison, in Nevers?

I do, since I was part of the Philippe Genty Company [le marionnettiste français le plus célèbre]. I worked on his object show, The odyssey, here, in residence. For the Compagnie Des Fourmis dans la lanterne, this is a first. We are delighted to be here, it’s a mini tour since we have ten school performances and one, for the general public. We would be very happy to be able to come back for a future show (she shows a big smile). And why not, in residence? We would love it! This small room at La Maison is perfect for our show formats.

Practical. Performance, Saturday May 4, at 10:30 a.m., in the small room of La Maison, in Nevers. Prices: 9, 7 or 6 €. Duration: 55 mins. There are still some places.

Organic expressCreated in 2012, the Compagnie des fourmis dans la Lanterne is the result of the meeting of two puppeteer artists: Yoanelle Stratman and Pierre-Yves Guinais. Both passionate about the art of bringing the inert to life, they work above all from visual universes, often without text to offer everyone the possibility of imagining their own on their own scale. In 2024, the Ants will return to the streets with a creation for the public space Cinq minutes avec toi. Four other shows are still on tour: Nos Petits Penchants (created in 2021), Vent Debout (450 performances since 2017, in 10 countries), Clic (700 performances since 2012, in 15 countries), Monsieur Watt (350 performances).

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