Kevin Régimbald breaks the ice at the helm of the Vert & Or

Kevin Régimbald breaks the ice at the helm of the Vert & Or
Kevin Régimbald breaks the ice at the helm of the Vert & Or

The latter, who was appointed to the position last November, had nearly 90 players on hand during this camp which took place on the synthetic field of RBC Stadium, at Triolet secondary school.

A first camp for Régimbald, who was previously assistant to head coach Mathieu Lecompte, and coordinator of special teams.

The Vert & Or made a change of head coach, at the end of the last season, which was difficult, for Sherbrooke.

Sherbrooke had a 1-7 record, before losing in the semi-final to Montreal.

Not many major changes to the coaching structure, but small tweaks here and there in preparation, to get the team ready for training camp in August. And then, for the season.

“We started on Saturday, and we just finished. The structure remains pretty much the same as in recent years, with a few exceptions, such as the theme of the training sessions and the duration of the phases that we inserted into the training sessions. Otherwise, it looks very similar.”

— Kevin Regimbald

A “super positive” atmosphere

Régimbald has still had a few months, since his appointment, to complete his recruitment and his coaching staff, and thus be ready for spring camp, the first stage of preparation for the team for the season.

“It was a great experience to get to know each other better and work together, both for the players and the coaches. It was a great opportunity to get a taste of the season. The atmosphere was super positive, the players were happy to be there, the coaches had fun working together. As we mentioned when I arrived, this is what we wanted to bring back and currently, on this side, everything seems to be going in the right direction.


Kevin Régimbald has been the special teams coordinator since 2017. He is now the head coach. (Green & Gold)

“I really enjoyed my camp. It’s nice to have a wider reach, across the whole group. What is even more interesting is to do it with passionate and involved people. It makes everything even easier, being surrounded by people who want to get things done,” analyzed the new head coach.

Besides Régimbald, Maxime Gauthier is now the new offensive coordinator, while Louis Leclerc now takes care of the special teams. Jeremy Parent was added as offensive line coach.

Guillaume Boucher is the only coordinator to occupy the same chair as in recent years, at the helm of the team’s defense.

Anthony Robichaud back?

Lots of changes among the coaches, but also among the players.

At this level, the status of veteran quarterback Anthony Robichaud is still uncertain.

The latter still has one last year of eligibility at the university level. He recently competed in the regional combined events in preparation for the CFL draft.

Robichaud was not present at the Vert & Or spring camp. Only three quarterbacks, including two rookies, had the yellow vest reserved for quarterbacks.

“We haven’t yet decided on Anthony’s case. We have not decided on the subject. So we had rookie Samuel Goulet-Ménard, Jeremy Fyfe and third-year veteran Gianni Casati at our camp.

— Kevin Regimbald

Jeremy Fyfe saw some ground last year. The product of the Old Montreal Spartans even took a few reps during the semi-final match against the Carabins at the University of Montreal.

The Vert & Or, visibly, will have a new attacking color next season.

“In general, we want to be a team that works and puts in the effort. This is the message to the entire team. Guys who will work until the whistle blows. This is what we will try to put forward in our three units.”

“There were 87 of us this week in total. A few players will be added in the fall, so we believe we will be around 110. We will have a rather young team next season, in the majority of positions. I would say that we have second or third year guys in most positions,” said Régimbald.

Supervised training will continue for the players over the coming weeks, before giving way to summer physical preparation.

A new locker room ready soon?

Work on the construction of a new locker room for the Vert & Or football team began last fall.

Before long, the team will be able to take possession of it, confirmed Régimbald.

“We should be able to access it around mid-June. Then, you will need to complete the aesthetic side of the locker room. We want to focus on the good moves and the victories of the Vert & Or.”



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