Basque Country: Start for the “parking fee” on the Angloy coast

Basque Country: Start for the “parking fee” on the Angloy coast
Basque Country: Start for the “parking fee” on the Angloy coast

By Bastien Claverie
Published on

3 May 24 at 10:09

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THE parking spaces on the coast of the town of Anglet are paid from May 1st to October 31st. This measure applies from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., continuously, every day, weekends and public holidays included.

This measure is intended to relieve access to beaches in summer.

City of Anglet

The mayor of Anglet, Claude Olive, announced the renewal of paid parking on the coast. Like last year, a red zone and a yellow zone have been set up. These two types of zone have a maximum authorized parking time:

  • Rouge at the Chambre d’Amour limited to 3 hours 20 minutes of parking per day
  • Yellow with parking permitted up to 10 hours per day
La Chambre d’Amour is classified in the red zone. (©Bastien Claverie / Basque Country News)

Free for Anglos

Parking remains free for people who can prove they have a primary or secondary residence in the town of Anglet. Angloys will have to re-register on the platform

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Alternative solutions for getting to the beach

The city of Anglet specifies that “a negotiation is underway with the Mobility Union in order to extend the summer public transport offer from May to October. As for bicycles, free bicycle storage will be operational again when summer arrives on the Sables d’Or and La Barre sites. The municipality “will offer a notebook of 10 trips to the Angloys to get to the beaches.

According to figures from last year, the number of buses serving the coast saw an increase. spectacular increase by more than 37%, or 62,000 passengers, “corresponding to 36,000 fewer vehicles in beach parking lots” indicates the city.

Concerning the financial results of paid parking, revenues stand at 1.1 million euros for the year 2023. The municipality of Anglet specifies that these revenues “largely cover investment expenses” as acquisition of parking meters.

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