“The Camargue of the 4 seasons”, an authentic and traditional representation

THE Beauvoisin Animation Committee and the maintenance and traditions group “the Star of the Future of Arles invite you to attend the premiere of the show “The Camargue of the 4 seasons”, Tuesday May 7, 2024 at 9 p.m. at the Beauvoisin arenas

an immersion in Camargue culture and traditions

This show will feature more than forty amateur extras from the Arlesian group, finalist of the show “Who will be the best folk dance” on France 3. A story transcribed in sound and lights, to discover the life of the inhabitants of the Camargue through four paintings representing the seasons from spring to winter. You can admire the dances of the Arles women, in the company of the herdsmen, horses, bulls and sheep, a pleasure for all ages.

The choreographies of this show, although respecting ancient traditions, will combine technical prowess, liveliness, emotions with a touch of modernism. This performance reflects the magic of the Camargue through a show that is both traditional and authentic.

For more information, you can contact the following numbers: 06 24 65 75 92 Or 06 85 02 75 36. The participation is 2€ in support of the artists.



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