the emotion of two of his friends…

A 15-year-old boy died last Saturday after being brutally stabbed by another young person his age. This Thursday, May 2, on the set of Touche pas à mon poste, his two friends wanted to speak. A moving testimony…

On Saturday April 27, an altercation between two 15-year-old teenagers led to the death of Matisse, stabbed in his car.

The alleged perpetrator, also aged 15 and known to the courts, was indicted for “attempted intentional homicide” following the attack.

Friends of Matisse testify to his sociable personality and wish to pay homage to the Parc des Princes.

An altercation that turns into drama. This Saturday, April 27, Matissea 15-year-old teenager, was brutally stabbed by a young person of his age. He was rushed to hospital before succumbing to his injuries. Earlier in the day, when they met for a freestyle rap battle, the tone between the two young people rose following “racist remarks” that Matisse allegedly made.

The perpetrator returned home to look for a knife before heading towards the car, followed by his mother, in which the victim was. This is when he allegedly stabbed Matisse to the chest. An investigation for “attempted intentional homicide” was opened. The accused, also aged 15, was already known to the courts for acts of aggravated robbery with violence ».

The touching testimony of Matisse’s friends

This Thursday, May 2, on the set of Do not touch My TVtwo close friends of Matisse spoke about this drama, but especially about the wonderful friend” it was. “He is very sociable. It was a great pleasure to play football with him, he often slept at my house, I often slept at his house…” they declared.

They add : “We went out a lot, we went to fast food restaurants together, we played video games. He was a very good friend to all of us. He really wasn’t a problem person. When we went out together, it was always great, we laughed for hours.”

“A problem kid”

The two teenagers would like to be able to pay tribute to their friend with “a minute of silence from the Parc des Princes or a banner”. “We were all for Paris Saint Germain, Matisse the same. In any case, I hope that from up there, he sees all the efforts what we are doing for him”, they confided.

Concerning the alleged culprit, the two boys affirm that he “was already a problem kid”. “He was in no way close to our group of friends”continues one of the two friends. He committed a lot of crimes. He’s someone who wanted to make a show, to invent a life for himself… He’s not someone we’re around because we don’t like that kind of person.”he concludes.



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