Côte-d’Or Attractiveness – 60 years serving tourism development

Côte-d’Or Attractiveness – 60 years serving tourism development
Côte-d’Or Attractiveness – 60 years serving tourism development

Since its creation in 1964, the Côte-d’Or tourism development agency has been an essential pillar of the region’s attractiveness. With its 60 years of experience, Côte-d’Or Attrabilité continues to shape a territory where nature, heritage and a warm welcome combine to offer a unique experience to visitors.

A journey of commitment
Founded during the constitutive general assembly of the Côte-d’Or Tourisme Association in 1964, the agency was the result of a common desire to promote the tourist riches of the department. Over the decades, it has been able to adapt to legislative and societal developments, broadening its missions to better meet the needs of the territory.
In 2001, a major turning point took place with the adoption of new missions aimed at developing, promoting and marketing tourism products, in collaboration with players in the sector. In 2022, the agency reinvents itself by becoming Côte-d’Or Attractiveness, reflecting its desire to highlight all the department’s assets.

A key player in local tourism
Côte-d’Or Attractivité positions itself today as the competent organization in matters of tourism and attractiveness. Its expertise covers a wide range of areas, from strategy to operational action, including innovation and communication. At the heart of its action, a constant desire for development and enhancement of the territory.

Unwavering support for local projects
With a range of adapted services, the agency supports all tourism projects, whether public or private. From advice to development, including promotion and communication, it works to energize territories, encourage partnerships and attract new populations.

Figures that speak
In 2024, Côte-d’Or Attrabilité will have 22 employees, a substantial budget of €1,982,170 and diversified skills to carry out its missions. With an average age of 41.32 years, its team reflects a beautiful generational representation, guaranteeing a plural and innovative vision.

Towards a bright tourism future
As the agency celebrates its 60th anniversary, it remains more than ever focused on the future. Driven by its history, its expertise and its passion for the Côte-d’Or, it will continue to work to make the region the leading nature and heritage destination between Paris and Lyon.



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