Intermarché – Low prices are often on products that we don’t like

Intermarché campaign designed by Romance

TV, digital device

First broadcast April 28, 2024

Who has never fallen for a cheap product, only to realize that perhaps they shouldn’t have? To highlight the personalized offers and promotions of its application, Intermarché unveils four comedies produced by Katia Lewkowicz (Grand Bazaar) making fun of this annoying instinct which sometimes pushes us to jump on the good deal while forgetting common sense. Like this young woman wearing a simply ugly blouse, a couple carried away by the smell of their candle in the Middle Ages, a strangely generous young person actually trying to get rid of his vanilla wafers, or a cheerful influencer testing a live terribly aggressive facial mist. Low price products – big disappointment, and jubilant comedies that highlight our experiences so well. We can only agree with Intermarché: “Low prices are often on products that we don’t like”, which on the contrary offers its customers with its application offers and reductions on products and brands they buy most often. The app against the high cost of living.

director Katia Lewkowicz
Director of Photography Sebastian Winterø
production Grand Bazaar
producer Juliette Desmarescaux
agency Romance
creative director Alexandre Hervé
copywriter Méline Deregnaucourt
artistic director Leo Tartrais
head tv prod Emilie Talpaert
TV production assistant Adèle Adroit
customer Intermarché
production director Hugo Merival
modeling agency Di Agency
modeling agency Alterego Agency
post-production The Mill
post-producer Nicolas Rochette
post-production director Maeva Esteban
sound production Schmooze

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