Immigration, abortion… Donald Trump details his program for a second term

Immigration, abortion… Donald Trump details his program for a second term
Immigration, abortion… Donald Trump details his program for a second term

In an interview with Time, Donald Trump unequivocally presents what he intends to do if he is re-elected president of the United States on November 5.

What would a second Trump presidency be like in the United States? The former president details his program in a long interview with Time Magazine. The title is: “If he wins”. What will Donald Trump do in his second term if he wins? The first answer is quite scary. If he wins, he won’t make the crucial mistake he made during his first term of being “too nice.” A kindness that had somewhat escaped us. Understand in any case that Trump, re-elected, will know how to be mean…

This long interview, collected in two installments, is transcribed in full by Time Magazine. It’s an hour and a half of reading and it’s fascinating. The newspaper summarizes what Trump is announcing as follows: his second term would be “imperial”, that is to say placed under the sign of authority, even authoritarianism.

And he would take care of immigration as a priority. If elected, he will take a series of aggressive measures on immigration on January 20, 2025, the day he enters the White House. He announces the largest expulsion operation in American history, because “we have no choice” he says. “There are 15 to 20 million undocumented immigrants, many of whom come from prisons and psychiatric establishments.” And Donald Trump therefore announces the expulsion of around 11 million illegal immigrants with the help of the national guard and the army.

In reality, the National Guard can only be used on orders from state governors, not on orders from the president, but that doesn’t matter. And in reality, US law prohibits the deployment of the military against civilians. But regardless, Donald Trump believes that illegal immigrants are not civilians. They are invaders… Donald Trump does not rule out using camps to round up these immigrants. But he believes that this will not be necessary since they will mainly be expelled.

Donald Trump also makes shocking remarks on abortion. He first explains that the famous “Roe VS Wade” law which authorized abortion and which was abolished was unanimously considered to be a very bad law. While in fact, it was much discussed in the United States but certainly not unanimously condemned…

On abortion, he wants to let states and governors decide what they want, including why not monitor pregnant women to make sure they don’t have abortions when it’s not allowed… And that He would have no problem if women were prosecuted when they had an abortion after the deadline. “I am comfortable with that,” he said. “But in any case, it is the governors who will decide.”

Prosecutions against Joe Biden?

Donald Trump also announces possible prosecutions against Joe Biden. A kind of blackmail. He is currently fighting to assert his presidential immunity to protect him from prosecution in the Capitol cases. And he therefore explains: “If it is not granted to me, then Joe Biden will not be protected either and he will be prosecuted”. He mentions the appointment of a special anti-Biden prosecutor.

As for those who stormed the Capitol, Donald Trump plans to pardon them all if he is elected. This represents 800 people who are being prosecuted.

Finally, he announces that if he is elected, he will replace a very large number of civil servants in all important positions, which is classic in the United States, but he specifies that he will only be able to appoint people who consider, as him, that Joe Biden did not win the elections in 2020. He will only surround himself with those who think that his victory was stolen from him…

At the end of the interview, the journalist asks Donald Trump if all this does not evoke a dictatorship. And Trump responds: “A lot of people like that, dictatorship.” He still has a reassuring word. He admits that if he is elected, he has noted that he will not be able to run for a third term in 2028. The American Constitution prohibits a president from being elected more than twice.

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