“We needed an electric shock”

“We needed an electric shock”
“We needed an electric shock”


The information revealed since Sunday by the NR was the right one. The leaders of Berrichonne have dismissed their head coach, Olivier Saragaglia, to entrust the helm of the team to his former assistant, Antoine Sibierski.

Since Monday, the day of the first session led by the new coach, we have been in complete confusion. Faced with the silence of management, who had never officially confirmed this change of coach, speculation was rife, giving the impression that this decision had been taken in haste. Or that the club did not have the means to pay the bill, namely the severance bonus due to Saragaglia, still under contract with the club until June 2025.

We were there until this Thursday, until a press briefing was finally organized around noon. The aim was to give the new coach a voice (read elsewhere), but also to allow management to explain their choice. It was Adrien Asteggiano, Benjamin Gufflet’s right-hand man, who complied with the exercise. “At the moment, we are in the process of finding a protocol with Olivier Saragaglia but nothing has been finalized yet,” specified the general manager of the Stratton Oakmont Sports group which bought the Castelroussin club in November 2023.

Why is this signing taking so long?

“We spoke with Olivier this weekend, it will happen this week. We are more or less in agreement on the entire protocol, there are still the signatures. »

Is it a problem of financial resources that is blocking it?

“Not at all, we are on a global protocol, as a good father, but it is not a question of money. »

Could dismissing a coach while we are on reprieve with relegation to N2 as a precautionary measure displease the DNCG?

“This is why we are working on an intelligent protocol with Olivier and Olivier is very intelligent on this. »

What is an intelligent protocol?

“It is a protocol which will not put the club in difficulty and which will also be of interest for Olivier. When everything is square, we will be able to be more precise but I cannot say more today. »

We took one point in four games, we had to have an electroshock

Adrien Asteggiano

With three days to go, is it appropriate to part ways with your coach?

“The results were very positive during several matches, we took one point in four matches, we had to have an electroshock. With Benjamin (Gufflet) and Loïc (Sagaz), we think it was the best solution. Good or bad, we don’t know, we will only know at the end. »

Did the words spoken by Olivier Saragaglia towards his players after Épinal interfere?

“Those are harsh words, they belong to him. Everyone has their own opinion. His statements belong to him. We have no problem with Olivier, he’s a very pleasant person with whom we enjoyed working for a few months, afterward, it’s professional sport, we come to that conclusion. We are one point behind four teams who are playing downhill, we are playing at home against a team who are hot on our heels. We cannot afford to lose this match which is essential. But of course I have no guarantee that we will win it. »

The project that will happen next season involves maintenance.

Adrien Asteggiano

Have some players come to complain?

“They are professional players who know the football world very well, they know that things are changing. They know that after the last catastrophic results, an electric shock was needed, the same electric shock as when Antoine arrived after which there was a series of victories. We hope the same thing. »

Does Antoine Sibierki have the required diploma to coach a professional team?

“We are discussing with the League. I don’t have the exact texts in mind but there will be no fines, no worries about that. »

Are you worried about the current situation?

“We are very confident, we have a positive nature. We are happy with the project that we have put back in place, happy with the arrival of Antoine Sibierski for a few months, happy with the project which will arrive next season but that requires maintenance. »

Otherwise ?

“It will be a descent to National 2, the project will continue but we will not be able to attract the same partners. If we continue, national partners will join us, but they will not come if we move down. »

Berrichonne – Villefranche, Friday May 3, 7 p.m.



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