How do you reach your full potential that God has given you?

How do you reach your full potential that God has given you?
How do you reach your full potential that God has given you?
Jesus left his example to man so that he in turn could imitate him. To achieve this, everyone is called to discover the qualities that God has placed in their hearts. Here are some tips to achieve this.

Since childhood, every man has dreams that he would like to realize, and to do this, he needs to develop what he has within him. How to achieve this? It is important to always be united with the will of God, who has wonderful plans for everyone, by deepening a friendship with Him through prayer and cooperating in His work in one’s life. The goal is to reach Heaven, and for this, it is important to do your best to multiply your talents and live a virtuous life. Here are some tips that you can put into practice to achieve this goal and develop your full potential, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and imitating the qualities of Jesus who is, par excellence, the most virtuous man.


According to a study by the Alpha movement, a person who lives 70 years spends on average 20 years and three months sleeping, 10 years and five months watching television, 7 years and six months eating and drinking, 5 years and nine months to travel by any means of transport, 18 months to queue and 6 months to wait at traffic lights. But who and what will the rest of the time be spent on? Do not let yourself be overwhelmed and trapped by the routine of daily life, but invest your time in leaving it to God, and in putting your talents and virtues to good use.


God gave each person different abilities and talents so that each person can develop them and they complement the abilities of others. It is important to realize these different gifts that God has given to each person. Each man is a small reflection of the infinite God, he is a unique and wonderful creature, different from all others. This is why, instead of trying to imitate others, each person is encouraged to develop what makes them different and unique.


Once a person has found their talents and the right path to best glorify the Lord, they can sometimes become distracted by their ambition or other models of success. He then happens to look at the life choices and achievements of others, thus distancing himself from God and His will. On the contrary, it is important not to distract one’s attention from the essential and to remain focused on one’s true objective, that is, God and the unique path he traces for each person.


Spend time with people who bring you closer to Heaven and who lead virtuous lives. Seek to surround yourself with people whose values ​​and outlook on life and the world you admire. Their example and experience will encourage you in your personal growth and on the path to holiness. In addition, hanging out with these people will lead you to a true inner transformation.


Wisdom is necessary to be able to distinguish what is good and what is best for one’s life, according to God’s will. It can only be acquired through one’s knowledge, ability or skills alone. It is a gift that comes from the Holy Spirit and is obtained through prayer. Wisdom allows us to hear the very personal call that God has for each person and to discern the right path. Guided by wisdom, all you have to do is take action to deploy God’s will within you.



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