It turns out the rabbit r1 wearable device that features an AI assistant was just an Android app all along, Reviewers say it’s a $200 scam

The real usefulness of the rabbit r1 wearable device sparked many questions after its presentation and many wondered why it was not launched as a mobile application. Well, it turns out that rabbit r1 is just a simple Android app. An anonymous person successfully downloaded the APK of the rabbit r1 launcher on a Google Pixel 6a. With a little tweaking, he was able to get the app to work as if it were on Rabbit’s own device. By using the volume up key instead of the R1’s single hardware button, he was able to create an account and start asking it questions, as if he were using the $199 Rabbit R1.

Is the rabbit r1 a hoax or a scam? The company is under fire after someone demonstrated that the rabbit r1 runs on Android and that the entire interface that users interact with is driven by a single Android app. A tipster shared the Rabbit R1 Launcher APK with Android Authority, and with a little tinkering, the media outlet managed to install it on an Android phone, specifically a Pixel 6a. After installation, the team was able to configure the Android phone as if it were a real Rabbit R1, with almost all the features.

The phone’s volume up key corresponds to the hardware key on the rabbit r1, which allowed the team to follow the setup wizard, create a “rabbithole” account, and begin talking to the AI ​​assistant. Since the Rabbit R1 has a significantly smaller screen with lower resolution than the Pixel 6a, the home screen interface only takes up a tiny portion of the phone’s screen. Still, the team was able to send a question to the AI ​​assistant as if they were using the rabbit r1 hardware, as shown in the video above. But depending on the team, some features might miss the mark.

The article states: The rabbit r1 launcher application is intended to be pre-installed in the firmware and given several system-level privileged permissions – only some of which were able to be granted – so some of the functions would likely fail if we tried . But the fact that the software runs on a mid-range phone that’s almost two years old suggests it has more in common with a simple Android app than any other. Jesse Lyu, founder and CEO of rabbit, disagrees with this characterization. Rabbit’s X account states:

Sent by rabbit Inc.

We are aware that there are unofficial rabbit OS app and website emulators. We understand people’s passion for our AI and LAM [Large Action Model] while waiting for the delivery of their r1. That said, to clear up any misunderstandings and set the record straight, both rabbit OS and LAM run on the cloud with very specific AOSP modifications and lower level firmware modifications.

Therefore, a local bootleg APK without the appropriate OS and cloud endpoints will not be able to access our service. rabbit OS is customized for r1 and we do not support third party clients. Using a pirated APK or web client carries significant risks; Malicious actors are known to release pirate apps that steal your data. For this reason, we recommend users to avoid these hijacker applications from rabbit OS.

A statement shared with the media says: rabbit r1 is not an Android application… After OTA [la mise jour over-the-air] Today, we have implemented multiple cloud verification enhancements to validate device/client requests. We reserve all rights for any malicious and illegal cyber security activities with respect to our Services. But if Rabbit and its CEO desperately try to deny that Rabbit R1 is not a mobile application or could have been, the opposite has happened, notably with statements that have convinced no one.

Indeed, a summary of their statements might look like this: rabbit r1 is built on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). The company is aware that people have managed to get it to work via an APK, so they have updated the service to ensure that it only works on hardware dedicated to the rabbit r1. With this, they made it clear that rabbit r1 was to be a phone app from the start. Lyu and his collaborators are facing criticism online, with critics of the wearable device saying the team just wanted to ride the AI ​​wave with their device.

I would definitely opt for an app rather than a dedicated device; especially if there are no special sensors or the like. Why the hell create more e-waste when my phone already has a great screen, camera and processor (designed with AI), its own cellular data connection, etc.? This is clearly a failed attempt to capitalize on the AI ​​frenzy. The rabbit r1 recalls the story of Juicero, the company that wanted to become the Nespresso of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, but which ultimately became the laughing stock of the world, we can read in the comments.

As a reminder, the rabbit r1 was announced as a small gadget that could help you on the go thanks to its AI assistant which is capable of answering your questions. One of its biggest selling points was the use of large action models that could be transferred to various apps and services, letting the AI ​​do the work once you showed it how. Rabbit R1 looks fun and might appeal to some people, but many people are wondering why it’s not just an Android or iOS app.

It turns out that the rabbit r1 can be converted into an Android app with a little tinkering. The rabbit r1 itself is really just a touchscreen and camera that fits in your pocket, like your phone. As the first users indicate, the rabbit r1 is a rather rudimentary product as it stands. The battery is terrible, the touchscreen is unnecessarily limited, and the software is inconsistent. These new wearable devices aim to reduce the time spent on our smartphones, but for critics, it is nothing more than a scam based on the use of the word “AI” to attract the most naive.

Rabbit R1 is not the only one. Some testers suggest that the Humane AI Pin wearable also appears to run on a free software version of Android, although no demonstrations confirm this yet. According to electronic display device expert Karl Guttag, the Humane AI Pin is not only expensive and unnecessary, but also a $230 million twist on an old scam.

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