Liberals use Trump in Poilievre post

Liberals use Trump in Poilievre post
Liberals use Trump in Poilievre post

The Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) released a video on social media featuring former US President Donald Trump, in an attempt to associate him with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre.

The video released Wednesday afternoon shows a series of instances where Mr. Trump uses the English word “wacko” – or in French “crazy” – in his speeches which led to Mr. Poilievre being expelled from the House of Representatives. Commons Tuesday.

The post is accompanied by the comment: “an interesting choice of words, Pierre”.

Mr. Poilievre had refused to withdraw his words on several occasions, preferring to replace “wacko” with “extremist”, a maneuver which did not please President Greg Fergus.

A profitable strategy… for everyone

In serious difficulty in the polls, even after an entire month of traveling the country to promote their budget, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are pivoting to the offensive by associating Pierre Poilievre as much as possible with the far right.

This could pay off, not only politically, but also financially for both liberals and conservatives.

After Pierre Poilievre was expelled from the House, both parties solicited funds from their members by email.

In the evening, Tuesday, PLC communications director Parker Lund was delighted with “the best fundraiser of the month” achieved in only “a little over an hour.”

Strained relations with Trump

The PLC publication is the latest to use images of Donald Trump to use against the leader of Canada’s Conservatives.

“Donald Trump has just won the New Hampshire primary, which brings him closer to the White House, and Pierre Poilievre sees it as an example to follow,” wrote the Party in a video in January, placing MM. Trump and Poilievre using the same expressions.

Relations between the clan of Justin Trudeau and that of Donald Trump have never been more than courteous, the two men being located at opposite ends of the spectrum of values.

Last January, Mr. Trudeau said that working with Mr. Trump for four years had not been easy, “and if there is a second time, it will not be easy either,” since “There are things I don’t agree on.”

Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden are practically neck and neck in the most recent projections, despite a series of simultaneous trials against the Republican leader. The presidential elections are to be held in November.



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