a “solidarity” white march organized this Saturday

a “solidarity” white march organized this Saturday
a “solidarity” white march organized this Saturday

The family of young Matisse, killed on April 27 by a 15-year-old minor, hoped that the white march planned for Saturday in Châteauroux in his memory, “takes place in a serene and united spirit”, according to the metropolis of Châteauroux.

“The family, deeply touched by all the marks of sympathy received, wishes to pay tribute to Matisse by organizing a white march in Châteauroux this Saturday, May 4,” starting at 3:30 p.m., said in a press release Wednesday evening the metropolis of Châteauroux (Indre ).

“The family invites all participants to show respect throughout the route so that the walk takes place in a peaceful and united spirit,” she added.

The teenager succumbed to his injuries, after several stab wounds during a “brawl” last Saturday late afternoon in Châteauroux, a town of some 43,000 inhabitants.

According to the Bourges public prosecutor’s office, the victim was 16 years old. His attacker was indicted Monday evening for “murder” and placed in pre-trial detention.

His mother was also indicted for “intentional violence” against a “vulnerable person”, suspected of having “slapped the injured victim”.

The Afghan nationality of the two indicted has led several figures from the right and the extreme right to denounce the government’s “migratory policy”.

“I will live for you”

Tuesday evening, on Facebook, Matisse’s father, Christophe Marchais, warned against “hatred, anger, which would be entirely legitimate but which would be even more painful and would lower us to the level of the two monsters who coldly murdered » Matisse.

“You know me, my scoundrel, I’m going to choose option 2, I’m going to live for you and I’m going to laugh in your memory, because what fun could we have my son, damn! », he adds in this message addressed to his son, describing him as “the king of blunders” and “full of humor”.

The grieving father also announced that his son’s funeral would be held on May 7.



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