Death of Paul Auster, literary icon published since 1987 in Arles by Actes Sud

Death of Paul Auster, literary icon published since 1987 in Arles by Actes Sud
Death of Paul Auster, literary icon published since 1987 in Arles by Actes Sud

“Paul Auster and Actes-Sud, it was a long partnership, an unfailing friendship for decades” explains Françoise Nyssen, former Minister of Culture and daughter of Hubert Nyssen who founded this publishing house in 1978, near of the Rhône.
“My father was crazy about American literature, he had met Paul Auster in New York, in Brooklyn where he was born and he found that he was renewing the literary genre, so he never stopped talking about him. have it translated and published in French.

A work that made Actes Sud grow
“Paul Auster is not, in the Actes Sud catalog, an author among others,” confirms Bertrand Py, editorial director of Actes Sud editions. His encounter with our publications – at the time almost as unknown as he himself was in his own country – dates from a trip by Hubert Nyssen to New York in the mid-eighties. As soon as City of Glass was translated (by Pierre Furlan), Paul Auster came to Paris where the modest Arlesian house had organized, with enthusiasm, as if it were the new Nobel Prize, a ‘press conference’ ! The desire for new readings and the appetite for translation were immense in France at the time. And quickly, the narrative subtlety and the existential traps of the New York Trilogy, carried by the charisma, the poetry and the Francophile erudition of Paul Auster, would be imprinted – the word says it well – in the literary identity of an entire generation. Being his publisher – or his editor, in this case Marie-Catherine Vacher – was a chance, and became for Actes Sud a business card circulating widely in the ever-widening circle of Paul Auster’s friends… His work was not one of them. than in its beginnings – but already making us grow. And when the names of the founders of Actes Sud are mentioned here and there, it should be added that the trust that Paul Auster placed in them was as beneficial as it was decisive in their history. »

Around forty published works
In all, around forty works came out of Actes Sud, starting in 1987 with “The City of Glass”, the first volume of the famous New York trilogy, then “The Journey of Anna Blume”, “Moon Palace”, “Leviathan”, which received the Foreign Medici Prize, “Mr Vertigo”, “The Book of Illusions”, “Brooklyn Follies”, “Sunset Park”. Francophone and Francophile, he was regularly guest of honor on Bernard Pivot or François Busnel’s television shows, which helped to make him known to the general public.

His latest novel “Baumgartner” has just been released by Actes-Sud; it is about the power of love and the twists and turns of mourning. Paul Auster was 77 years old and he lost his son to an overdose in 2022.

New York trilogy; Babel no. 32:
– Flight. 1: City of Glass, 1987;
– Flight. 2: Revenants, 1988;
– Flight. 3: The Hidden Room, 1988.
The Invention of Solitude, 1988; Babel no. 41.
The Journey of Anna Blume, 1989; reed. Under the title In the Land of Last Things, Babel no. 60.
Moon Palace, 1990; Babel no. 68.
The Music of Chance, 1991; Babel no. 83.
The Art of Hunger, 1992. Le Carnet rouge, 1993.
The Red Notebook / The Art of Hunger, Babel no. 133.
Léviathan, 1993 (foreign Medici prize); Babel no. 106.
Disappearances (co-published with Éditions Unes), 1994; Babel no. 870.
Mr Vertigo, 1994; Babel no. 163.
Smoke/Brooklyn Boogie, 1995; Babel no. 255.
The Devil by the Tail, 1996; Babel no. 379.
The Solitude of the Labyrinth (interview with Gérard de Cortanze), 1997; Babel no 662, expanded edition.
Lulu on the bridge, 1998; Babel no. 753.
Auggie Wren’s Christmas, Actes Sud Junior, 1998.
Timbuktu, 1999; Babel no. 460.
Laurel and Hardy go to paradise followed by Black-Out and Hide-and-Seek, Actes Sud-Papiers, 2000.
I Thought My Father Was God, 2001; Babel no. 556.
The Book of Illusions, 2002; Babel no. 591.
Accident report, 2003; Babel no. 630.
History of my typewriter (with Sam Messer), 2003.
The Night of the Oracle, 2004; Babel no. 720.
Brooklyn Follies, 2005; Babel no. 785.
In the scriptorium, 2007; Babel no. 900.
The Inner Life of Martin Frost, 2007; Babel no. 935.
Alone in the Dark, 2009; Babel no. 1063.
Invisible, 2010; Babel no. 1114.
Sunset Park, 2011; Babel no. 1177.
Winter Chronicle, 2013; Babel no. 1274.
Here Now. Correspondence 2008-2011 (with JM Coetzee), 2013.
Inner Zone Excursions, 2014; Babel no. 1384.
The Oppen Pipe, 2016; Babel no. 1490.
4 3 2 1, 2018 (Inter-foreign Book Prize); Babel no. 1660.
A life in words. Conversations with IB Siegumfeldt, 2020; Babel no. 1774.
Burning Boy. Life and work of Stephen Crane, 2021.
Land of blood. A History of Gun Violence in the United States (with Spencer Ostrander), 2023.
Baumgartner, 2024.
In the “Thesaurus” collection:
Romantic works, t. I, 1996.
Romantic works and other texts, t. II, 1999.
Romantic works, t. III, 2011.



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