Girondins4Ever generation has plenty of weapons to be able to move up to D1.”

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100% Girondins, Jerome Dauba, current coach of the women’s team playing in D1 Arkéma, spoke about this descent into D2 at the end of the season. The girls will therefore play in the Second League next season. The ambition will undoubtedly be to go back up as quickly as possible.

If this generation has the weapons to return to Ligue 1 next season? We have no guarantees that we will be able to come back next season. Some clubs adopted a strategy in D2, to put in the resources, some failed. I believe in the potential of our future generations, even the current generation, who have followed an entire training course which has enabled them to achieve results in the national youth teams. This is the time, I think, to put them all together, this young generation, and say to ourselves, ‘Now you are going to build a new page in the history of the club. This is your story now.’ And I think that this generation has more than enough weapons to be able to rise again, we hope. Now it will be up to them to reinvent themselves because unfortunately they have been in the fight to maintain their position for several seasons. There they will change status, there will be a favorite status to assume. Then above all to say to ourselves ‘Ok, we are going to give ourselves the means to win the matches, to take the game into our own hands to win this climb’.”

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