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Since February 2022, 60 Million consumers publishes each month dashboard of price developments in supermarkets. To develop it, we asked the NielsenIQ institute, which collects data from 10,000 points of sale (supermarkets, hypermarkets, discounters, convenience stores and drives) every month, to provide us with price trends on the shelves. .

All self-service consumer products are included in this tracking, i.e. more than 300,000 products bearing a barcode. We have drawn up a basket of 31 essential products, which we will monitor as closely as possible.

Evolution of the overall price of the basket

Price changes are calculated one year and two years apart in the same store, on the same product. It is then aggregated to the product family, without weighting by sales.

  • The increase over two years (April 2022-April 2024) is 18.1%
  • The increase over one year (April 2023-April 2024) is 0.9%

The ten families that have increased the most in our basket

Evolution measured between April 2023 and April 2024



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