Play-offs Down: the day of all emotions

The Cameroonian championship arrives at its end today in the city of Yaoundé. After the coronation of Victoria United, the battle for survival is tough. The 11th and final day of the down play-offs attracts particular attention. Three meetings will be the subject of all the emotions this Thursday from 4 p.m. At the Ngoa-Ekelle stadium, As Fortuna will face Bamboutos Fc. Already maintained, President Roger Noah’s team has nothing more to gain. Boris Mfoumou and his teammates provided the essentials before the last day. It is therefore up to the Mangwa de Boys to play their part if they want to seek victory; synonymous with maintenance.

At the annex B stadium in Olembé, Les Astres de Douala will negotiate their continuation against Avion Academy. The Brazilians of Bépanda must also win to ensure their place in Elite One next season. A meeting which promises to be complicated even if Avion is already relegated. The other match to follow is the one which will pit Fauve Azur against Apejes de Mfou from 4 p.m. The meeting is scheduled at the annex 1 stadium of the Yaoundé Omnisports. Emotions will be high during these three meetings.

So far, four clubs have ensured their continuation, namely: Union, Fauve Azur, Pwd and As Fortuna. Two other tickets are still available for three candidates. The stakes are therefore high because the season could change in 90 minutes. In the event of victory for Bamboutos Fc and Les Astres de Douala, Apejes de Mfou will be officially relegated to Elite Two.

Program 11e Play-offs down day

Ngoa-Ekelle Stadium

2 p.m.: Union of Douala – Fovu de Baham

4 p.m.: As Fortuna – Bamboutos Fc

Annex stadium 1 Omnisport

4 p.m.: Fauve Azur – Apejes de Mfou

Annex Stadium A Olembe

4 p.m.: Ums de Loum – Aigle de la Menoua

Annex B Olembe Stadium

4 p.m.: Les Astres de Douala – Avion Academy



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