Aubergenville: awaited for years, a new prayer room will see the light of day

Aubergenville: awaited for years, a new prayer room will see the light of day
Aubergenville: awaited for years, a new prayer room will see the light of day

By Fabien Deze
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May 2, 24 at 10:16

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Good news for the Muslim community of Aubergenville (Yvelines). By the end of 2024, it should have a new prayer room on the heights of the town, at the intersection of rue du Faubourg and chemin de Vaux-les-Huguenots, just behind the rugby field.

The mayor, Gilles Lécole, announced that a plot of land of 1,121 m2was going to be rented to the Aubergenville Muslim Community Association (ACMA) as part of a long lease (Editor’s note: very long-term real estate lease).

“This is excellent news for the association,” he rejoices. Everyone has the right to pray to their god with complete dignity. »

Long-term work

For almost 20 years, the Muslims of the town have met in a room of 70 m2located near the Maison de Tous and made available by 1001 Vies Habitat, for prayer.

“It was François Bony (Editor’s note: mayor from 2001 to 2014) who found this room for them,” explains Gilles Lécole. It was a great solution to get them out of cellars, but it’s not very legal. The Muslim association came to us two or three years ago telling us that they wanted to bring together more faithful. And I didn’t want her to buy a house. My priority was that no one had to suffer any nuisance. »

Gilles Lécole, mayor of Aubergenville

The elected official explains that long-term work has been carried out with the Yvelines prefecture and the ACMA.

“Everything was done according to the rules of the art. We worked with them in complete transparency. This type of assignment can only be done with the approval of the prefect. »

The old prayer room was too small

On the side of ACMAwe are delighted with this progress.

“This is really very good news,” relishes Malik Bouchemat, the secretary general. The old hall was too small and surrounded by houses. In terms of security, it wasn’t great. In winter, we sometimes had to pray outside because there were too many of us. »

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On the land made available to it, the ACMA should install in the coming weeks two bungalows which she has already acquired.

“It will take approximately six months of work to transport electricity and water, explains Malik Bouchemat. In the meantime, we still need donations from our faithful, because it will cost us between €80,000 and €100,000. »

400 people can be accommodated

The new building will accommodate around 400 people in two different spaces (one for men and one for women).

Finally, the only divergence between the town hall and the association lies in the definition of the new construction.

“For us, it’s a mosque,” ​​assures Malik Bouchemat. The town hall, for its part, mentions “a prayer room”. “We authorized the installation of two mobile homes, not a mosque,” ​​insists Virginie Meunier, first deputy mayor.

A divergence in the vocabulary which should not call into question the project.

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