“Attraction”, a new mini-series broadcast on TF1, depicts behind the scenes of a model family

“Attraction”, a new mini-series broadcast on TF1, depicts behind the scenes of a model family
“Attraction”, a new mini-series broadcast on TF1, depicts behind the scenes of a model family

Beware of still water, the saying goes. This sums up the spirit of the Belgian series well. Attractionbroadcast from this Thursday, May 2, 2024 on TF1 . A six-episode psychological and domestic thriller, directed by Indra Siera. The scenario features a seemingly uneventful couple, Fred and Agathe Jacob, married for fifteen years.

A geneticist, he is often traveling for his work. But when he’s home, he strives to be a loving husband and attentive father. A former midwife, she seems to blossom like a flower in her role as a stay-at-home mother. Until the day she learns that a woman was found hanged in the hotel where Fred stayed in Marseille. Agathe is then more and more consumed by doubt. Is this a pure coincidence? Is Fred really who he says he is?

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“There are always heroes and monsters in thrillersrecalls Indra Siera. But what is original here is that we don’t really know who is who. Fred is a dangerous man but he loves his family, yes in a funny way sometimes, but he really loves them. »

Breton Lannick Gautry as a suspicious father

To play her on screen, the director chose Breton Lannick Gautry, who opposite Belgian actress Laura Sépul, seen in the series Public Enemy And Baraki. “Until now, Lannick had mainly played good guy roles, like Commissioner Novak Lisica in Aim for the heart , explains the director. So I found it interesting to use it in a completely different register. »

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A challenge that the actor did not hesitate to take on. Firstly for the character. “I had already played a psychopath in a TV movie, but not a disturbing man who looked like Mr. Everyman, he says. I also like storylines where the viewer is one step ahead. The mini-series format also leaves time to set up the story and tell a destiny over time. » A luxury all the more precious since the father he plays here is not linear. From a model husband, his character quickly goes in all directions. “The thriller has the particularity of not requiring the presence of a representative of the law, he emphasizes. So there is no limit to cruelty. »

In this very gloomy general picture, Indra Siera nevertheless takes care to inject small touches of hope, such as the hug of the Prosecutor with the defense lawyer or the gestures of tenderness between Mathias, the son of the Jacob family, and his girlfriend. “In life, things are never all black or white, insists the director. Even in dysfunctional families, there are always fair and sincere people. »

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Created by the famous writer Barbara Abel and the screenwriter Sophia Perié, this Belgian mini-series probes the depths of the couple and the human race. A gripping thriller which has already won the Prize for best French-speaking foreign fiction at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival in 2022.

Thursday May 2, 2024, TF1 9:10 p.m.



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