Chartres is calling you! – Catholic Riposte

Chartres is calling you! – Catholic Riposte
Chartres is calling you! – Catholic Riposte

Just published Chartres is calling you! by Rémi Fontaine. Ed. Via Romana (Preface: Abbot Jean de Massia, chaplain general of Notre-Dame de Chrétienté. Post-face: Jean de Tauriers, president of Notre-Dame de Chrétienté)

L’Appel de Chartres evokes the publication of this work by Rémi Fontaine, who is one of the founders, with Max Champoiseau, of the Pentecostal Pilgrimage under the aegis of the Center Henri and André Charlier.

Extract from the presentation in the Chartres Appeal n°277 (April 2024)

Above the south portal of Chartres Cathedral, four lancet-shaped stained glass windows offer the attentive pilgrim an astonishing scene. We see the four evangelists, perched on the shoulders of the four great prophets of the Old Testament; profound illustration of this famous formula of Saint Bernard of Chartres: “We are dwarves sitting on the shoulders of giants. If we see more things and farther away than them, it is not because we are bigger, it is because we are raised by them. » An evocative image of tradition (from tradere: to transmit), and of the debt which binds us to those who have, in the words of Saint Paul, transmitted to us what they had received.

To transmit. This is the purpose of this collection which allows the younger generations of Chartres to have access to the founding intuitions of the Christian pilgrimage since its creation in 1983, through the eyes and the pen of one of its founders, Rémi Fontaine.

To transmit. This was above all the primary objective of these first-time historical pilgrims in launching this work of respectful but tenacious resistance in the face of “the amnesia of the eternal” towards which society was sinking, in the deafening silence of a certain hierarchy. ecclesial. “France, eldest daughter of the Church, are you faithful to the promises of your baptism? “.

The pilgrimage was born from this appeal by the Pope to Le Bourget in 1980. Against the supporters of the rupture who no longer accepted the doctrinal, moral and liturgical past of the Church, or refused to see it embodied in the Christianity of a nation, thus selling off two thousand years of Christianity and fifteen hundred years of Christian France, the Chartres pilgrimage simply wanted to remain faithful to the vocation of the Christian: Tradition, Christianity, Mission.

The history of the pilgrimage is embodied in names, which flap in the memories like banners in the wind: Charles Péguy, Henri and André Charlier, Father Emmanuel, Dom Gérard, Abbé Montarien, Jean Madiran, Gustave Thibon… and many others, cited in this work. They were figures of faith, with the passion and ardor of witnesses. “We too cared, violently, for certain things more than for life…”

But it was also Christian thinkers, heirs of the light of living Thomism, who laid down the essential milestones to guide human action in times of crisis. In a century won by the confusion of ideas, Rémi Fontaine shows us through his story and demonstrates to us through his reflections how a healthy and solid intellectual training can fertilize a concrete work in
the duration. His book is an encouragement, for the executives of Notre-Dame de Chrétienté and more broadly for anyone wishing to evangelize, to train their mind rightly to direct their action rightly.

Some will be surprised, even shocked, when discovering the founding principles of the pilgrimage. The words militant, political, resistant, combat, traditional, dissidence, make up the backbone and identity of “pele” since its origin. They rub shoulders with the terms of penance, conversion, prayer, mission… It is the whole balance between the spiritual and the temporal. Yes, Notre-Dame de Chrétienté is a work of militant lay Christians who think that the earth needs to be irrigated by Heaven to be a good stepladder towards it, and that the
Christ must reign not only in our poor souls but also in public institutions and nations.


see the article in the Chartres Appeal

Order the book on the Via Romana website



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