Sinvar wants to see Israelis capitulate

Sinvar wants to see Israelis capitulate: Avi Issacharoff explains why Hamas won’t rush to a deal.

Should we make a hostage deal with Hamas or enter Rafah militarily?

Yedioth Ahronoth military commentator Avi Issacharoff discussed the issue with Udi Segal and Tal Shilo on 103FM.

The State of Israel finds itself at a critical decision moment: whether to enter into a hostage deal with Hamas or enter Rafah militarily. Yediot Ahronoth military commentator Avi Issacharoff spoke on the subject this morning (Wednesday) with Udi Segal and Tal Shilo on 103FM.

Sinwar is a paranoid person who lives in another world. He does not see the extent of his defeat, and continues to believe in victory, despite the destruction his organization is experiencing. But this is also its strength.

‘Question of decision’: Can Israel both enter into hostage deal and enter Rafah?

“I can’t be too optimistic, there are all sorts of reasons here why Sinwar would say yes,” Issacharoff said and added: “I think ultimately the fact that the Hamas leadership would agitate repeatedly is a demand for a complete cessation of fighting, definitively, that is the obstacle. The bottom line is that Sinwar no longer acts with common sense, but rather like Salah al-Din, a historical leader who believes he will save not only the Palestinians but the entire Muslim world. That’s why I don’t see him in such a hurry to end this story, even if there is an opportunity here. He understands what the implications are for the Netanyahu government.

He also clarified that “on the other hand, he has his own considerations. He not only looks at the Israeli scene, but also the Arab, Palestinian and Muslim scene. He said: “I want to see the Israelis say we surrendered.” » These are the first signs. There is a process that should be completed within a few days or weeks, and if I were one of the kidnapped families, I would like it to be within a few hours. »

Here we need a little time, the Egyptian mediator has taken charge of operations. The Qatari mediator withdrew, the Egyptian came on the scene, made a deal and now both sides are discussing it. There is no doubt that the entry of the Egyptian mediator It changed something here. For months, we have heard a mantra from all sides, only the Qataris can mediate, and we see that the Egyptians can too,” he stressed.

In conclusion, Issacharoff declared that “the Qataris are really too invested with Hamas, the Egyptians can of course raise the tone. They can say to Israel: ‘Please enter Rafah as if it were a stick that would end the war.’ and bring total victory – let’s be honest, it won’t end the war if we don’t come up with a plan for Hamas’s aftermath, nothing will change even after Rafah. »

Except the defeat of Hamas, and the irrefutable victory of Israel, as was the case with Iran which made a fool of itself with its 350 missiles. And symbols matter a lot in the Middle East.


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