Accident on the A12 motorway: Hit by an animal, a car ends up on its side

Hit by an animal, a car ends up on its side

Published today at 2:07 p.m.

Tuesday, around 11:55 p.m., the Engagement and Alarm Center of the Friborg cantonal police was informed of an accident on the A12 motorway between Vevey and Bulle, near Châtel-Saint-Denis. One person was injured and their vehicle was immobilized on its side, in the right lane.

An ambulance, police patrols and firefighters from the Châtel-Saint-Denis departure base were dispatched to the scene. According to the first elements collected, it appears that a 47-year-old motorist was traveling on the A12 motorway from Vevey towards Bulle. Shortly after the Châtel-Saint-Denis junction, she hit an animal which was on the road. His vehicle deviated from its trajectory to the right, struck the embankment before coming to rest on its side, in the right lane.

Shortly afterwards, a 50-year-old driver, traveling on the same section, noticed the preceding vehicle at the last moment and was able to avoid it. However, during this maneuver he hit a wheel which was in the overtaking lane. He stopped his damaged car a little further on, on the hard shoulder.

Injured, the driver was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital. The damaged vehicles were taken care of by a service garage and the firefighters neutralized the hydrocarbons. The Intercantonal Highway Network Maintenance Service (SIERA) was called to the scene to restore the roadway and remove the numerous debris.

Claude Béda is a journalist for the 24-hour Vaudois section. Passionate about social issues and the lives of people here, he covered several regions of the canton, before joining the Lausanne editorial staff. More informations

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