treat yourself to the digital notebook at a reduced price

The Kindle Scribe is on flash sale during French Days 2024! The digital notebook designed by Amazon can be obtained from 274.99 euros on the famous e-commerce site.


Amazon is taking advantage of French Days 2024 to lower the price of its Kindle Scribe. During an indefinite flash sale, the Kindle and notebook are available from 274.99 euros for the 16 GB version and accompanied by a basic stylus.

For the 32 and 64 GB models including a premium stylus, Amazon sells them for 314.99 euros and 339.99 euros respectively. For your information, the Kindle Scribe is eligible for free home delivery.

Released during 2022, the first generation Kindle Scribe is a connected device that is both an e-reader and a digital notebook. It has a 10.2-inch screen with Paperwhite technology, built-in lighting, 300 ppi resolution, optimized font display technology and 16 gray levels. Supplied with a basic or premium stylus depending on the desired model, the Scribe from the Kindle range allows you to take notes and keep a journal. It is also possible to easily import and annotate PDF documents, or insert notes into documents in Microsoft Word or other compatible formats.



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