The moving tribute from the father of Matisse, 15, killed in Châteauroux, who describes the suspects as “monsters”

Three days after the tragic death of his son, Matisse’s father broke the silence on his Facebook account. The 15-year-old boy died from his numerous injuries on Saturday April 27, 2024, after “a brawl involving two minors” in Châteauroux (Indre). The main suspect is another teenager, also aged 15, who was known to the law and was having difficulty at school. “You were a real nice guy, even too nice, who didn’t have the weapons for these associations that had attracted you for several weeks,” initially wrote the father of the family, devastated by the tragic disappearance of his son. . It is still too difficult for him to imagine that he will no longer be able to see his son. In his long message, he also evokes the “15 wonderful years spent” alongside Matisse that he will never be able to forget. If he wanted to “choose hatred and anger” in the face of this unjust death, he explained that he would not do so because it “would lower us to the level of the two monsters who coldly murdered you? No, Cat, because we are not animals and that would be so unlike you!”

Matisse’s father also launched an appeal asking everyone to “put a sea otter” as a profile photo on social networks, in reference to the nickname given to his son. “The hardest thing today is to imagine that we will never see each other again. We will remember you, my big otter, we will live and succeed for you,” he continued (… )

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