The Breizh Foal 2024 takes on a new dimension on June 29 at the Saint-Brieuc racecourse

Initiated by the Breton Vincent Le Roy in 2022, the Breizh Foal Show takes on a new dimension for its 3rd edition which will be held under the sign of youth on Saturday June 29 at the Saint-Brieuc racecourse, at the same time as a pony racing meeting, with a catalog swollen by the contribution of yearlings.

A large racing region rich in a very ancient galloping culture, Brittany benefits from the efforts of a few young professionals under the aegis of Vincent Le Roy to reinvigorate soon breeding activity. Thus, based on the model of the Foal Show initiated in Anjou and Allier, the Généquine Ouest association has created its own event, the Breizh Foal Show, which aims to introduce people to the activity sites of this vast region. After Arvez Farm at Manuel Tanguy and the Haras de Kerviriou at the house of Celine Bertholouxthe event will take place on the Saint-Brieuc racecourse on June 29, 2024. Today the main racecourse in Brittany, the only one which organizes premium meetings in the 3 disciplines (Trot Plat Obstacle), Saint-Brieuc is developing under the very active presidency of Daniel Cherdo, member of Généquine Ouest. Very involved in multiple institutions, the latter is also a well-known breeder in the Haras des Evéeshaving precisely chosen to adopt the suffix “Breizh” which stood out in the flat Gr.1 with Breizh Eagle And Breizh Sky.

Thus, the Breizh Foal Show will benefit from the facilities of the racecourse equipped with 100 boxes. In fact, the organization has decided to expand its catalog by welcoming yearlings in addition to foals for the first time, with the aim of reaching around 70 items. “ This site will also make it possible to accommodate in comfortable conditions various regional horse-related associations, including the Trait Breton association, the Conseil des Equidés, etc...”, explains Vincent Le Roy. Because our racehorse breeding activity must leave the purely private sphere to find its place in the regional political landscape. For this, Daniel Cherdo is an ideal ambassador given his involvement in numerous institutions. He’s one of those people who do more than they say..”

The Saint-Brieuc racecourse.

For the first time, a double event will take place on this racecourse which will at the same time host its very first Point to Point pony racing meeting, organized by Frédérique Hayères under the aegis of Ponies au Galop. Between the foals and the child riders, this naturally places the day under the sign of youth, especially since Vincent Le Roy, very proud of its roots, will also organize a Breton music competition with budding musicians!

Daniel Cherdo, president of the Saint-Brieuc racecourse.

As a reminder, the Show is a presentation and not a competition. All foals and yearlings will be presented individually, in a ring set up for this purpose, and preceded by a pre-ring. The animation will be provided by Arnaud Poirier. A photo and video report will be produced on site by France Sire. The pedigrees in the catalog will be published by DNA PEDIGREE. Note that the calendar will allow visitors, after tasting a seafood platter on the Breton coast in the evening, to go to the Corlay racecourse the next day, Sunday June 30, to attend the 6th stage of the National Trophy of the Cross Haras du Lion PMU.

REGISTRATIONS UNTIL JUNE 10: 06 62 25 07 28 – 07 81 82 55 71 – [email protected]



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