“You didn’t deserve this… I’m going to live for you” confides his father

“You didn’t deserve this… I’m going to live for you” confides his father
“You didn’t deserve this… I’m going to live for you” confides his father

Matisse, 15, was killed on April 27 during a “brawl”

. The teenager succumbed to his injuries, notably a wound to the heart after “a brawl involving two minors” late Saturday afternoon in the St-Denis district of this city of some 43,000 inhabitants.

In this new case of violence among minors, a 15-year-old teenager was indicted Monday evening for “murder” and placed in pre-trial detention, while his mother, aged 37, was indicted for “violence volunteers” on “vulnerable person”. According to the Bourges public prosecutor, Céline Visiedo, the mother is accused of having “slapped the injured victim”. The minor and his mother are both of Afghan nationality and legally resident on French soil, according to the magistrate.

“No weapons for these associations”

A few days after this tragedy, and while a white march dedicated to the young man will be held on Saturday May 4, Christophe Marchais, Matisse’s father, spoke on social networks. In a long post published on Facebook, he recalls memories with his boy and pays tribute to “a real nice guy, too nice even, who didn’t have the weapons for these associations that attracted you for a few weeks.”

“What fun we had, my son, damn! »

For his “cat”, his “big otter” as he liked to call his son, Christophe Marchais wants to honor and bring his memory to fruition, instead of stirring up hatred or anger. “What’s left?” We still have your memory, we still have these 15 wonderful years spent with you! Two solutions… Moping around, choosing hatred, anger, which would be completely legitimate but which would be even more painful and would lower us to the level of the two monsters who coldly murdered you? No cat, because we are not animals and that would be so unlike you!!! No cat, you know me, my scoundrel, I’m going to choose option 2, I’m going to live for you and I’m going to laugh in your memory, because what fun did we have my son, damn! » he confides.

“It’s to imagine that we won’t see each other again…”

“In fact, the hardest thing today is to imagine that we will no longer see each other… That you will no longer poke me in the ribs from behind to annoy me, that I will no longer see you passing by restaurant just for a kiss, that I would no longer wake you up in the morning when your alarm has been bothering everyone for 30 minutes but you are snoring” continues Christophe Marchais through this sincere and moving message, which went beyond this Wednesday, May 1 at 12 p.m. the thousand likes and 7000 shares.

In an interview with France 3, Matisse’s father had already mentioned the affair and the death of his son, “I hope that justice will be done, that it will not be too lax, that it will be a maximum… I I’m sorry, but even if it was a 15 year old kid, there’s no excuse for that. Going home to stab someone, especially a friend you’ve been hanging out with for a few weeks, it’s just not possible. » he declared.



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