Anti-Covid-19 vaccine – Victim of repeated injuries, a Laval player on “medical wandering” takes Pfizer to court

Anti-Covid-19 vaccine – Victim of repeated injuries, a Laval player on “medical wandering” takes Pfizer to court
Anti-Covid-19 vaccine – Victim of repeated injuries, a Laval player on “medical wandering” takes Pfizer to court

He took Pfizer and the French football federation to court. François-Xavier Fumu-Tamuzo, former player of the Laval club, is forced to retire from sports because of repeated injuries. For the player, it is the pharmaceutical group’s anti-covid vaccine which is responsible for these lesions.

He refuses to be considered an anti-vax. But François-Xavier Fumu-Tamuzo is looking for answers. Since March 2022, the Laval midfielder has not put on his crampons again. The fault lies in a succession of serious injuries, to the knee, then to the Achilles tendon, which led him to make a difficult decision: that of ending his sporting career at just 29 years old.

A premature departure difficult to accept for the athlete, who thinks he has found someone responsible. He says that when the hellish cycle of injuries begins, in July 2021, the first dose of the Pfizer group’s anti-covid vaccine has just been administered to him.

Until very recently, my client suffered from medical wandering, consulting numerous specialists. He has a voluminous medical file, but no one expressed doubt… untila professor of internal medicine emit the possibility that there is a link with the vaccine”, relates his Marseille lawyer, Maître Eric Lanzarone. For the lawyer, who specifies that he too is not “antivax”, “LAdverse effects are taboo in society, it is even worse in the world of high-level athletes.”

To obtain answers, the Franco-Congolese player, trained in Auxerre, chose to take legal action against the Pfizer group, BioNtech, as well as the French Football Federation, which had made the vaccination of professional players compulsory in 2022.

A hearing is scheduled for July 2 at the Paris judicial court. Justice could choose to form a group of experts responsible for determining whether or not a causal link can be established between the athlete’s sudden injuries and the administration of the vaccine.

The lawyer specifies that since he decided to take the matter to court, his client has received “dozens of testimonies from people who suffered from similar pathologies after being vaccinated”.

We need specific studies on the adverse effects of this vaccine, we have not done any on high-level athletes, I also want to kick the anthill and say, we need to do these studies

Master Eric Lanzarone

Lawyer of François-Xavier Fumu Tamuzo

François-Xavier Fumu Tamuzo hopes to obtain financial compensation, and must now build his professional retraining project.

Requested by our colleagues from France Bleu Mayenne, the Pfizer group published a press release on Saturday April 27.

“Pfizer does not, as a matter of principle, communicate information on ongoing cases, preferring to let the legal process take place peacefully. The health and safety of patients are our absolute priorities. As is the process in force for all of vaccines authorized in Europe, the EMA monitors and evaluates reported cases of adverse reactions linked to our Covid-19 vaccine. Where applicable, the EMA also recommends updating the SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics). of our Covid-19 vaccine to incorporate any new safety information. We are scrupulously following these recommendations and modifying the SmPC of our vaccine accordingly if necessary.

If he is the first French athlete to take an anti-covid vaccine manufacturer to court, François-Xavier Fumu-Tamuzo is however not the only one to assure that the product is responsible for unwanted side effects.

Skeptical, tennis player Novak Djokovic refused to be administered the vaccine, even if it meant having to forgo certain sports competitions, open only to athletes whose vaccination schedule was complete.

At this stage, Pfizer recalls that“with hundreds of millions of doses administered worldwide, the benefit-risk profile of our Covid-19 vaccine remains positive across all approved indications and age groups,” including high-level athletes.

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