FEDERAL RUGBY 3. Évreux blew the cork in Épernay

By Philippe Guinchard
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May 1, 24 at 9:50

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Of course, you will have to be serious, Sunday from 3 p.m. Don’t focus too much on the supporters’ meal, which will be prepared ahead of the return match between Évreux and Épernay, and be focused on finishing the job.

A job that the Cerfs d’Évreux did well last weekend, by regularly dominating their hosts of the day.

Paid realism

Arriving the day before in Champagne so as not to have the trip in their legs, the team members ofAntoine Maheu have applied the duo’s instructions well Deleplanque-Lémi.

“We reminded the group that we not only had to start the match well, but also be more realistic than last year, against Guéret. And it was! »

Pascal Deleplanque was able to see Morgan Hébert convert the Eurois’ first incursion into the opposing 22m with a first penalty (0-3, 2nd), before going for it and putting the EAC at the forefront (0-8, 20th).

“We relaxed our concentration a little around the 25th minute, which resulted in two penalties for them. But Morgan Hébert (Editor’s note: author of 21 points on Sunday) responded perfectly to the foot as well. »

Offensive bonus in your pocket

At 6-14, a brilliant attempt by Hovel will cause a precious break before the break (6-21). And as Hébert continued to be precise afterwards (6-24, 46th), the fate of the match could no longer escape the well-organized visitors whose finishers were able to live up to the regulars of the day.

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The Ebroïcian youth met the expectations of the EAC Rugby coaches. ©La Dépêche/TE

A third try, scored by Heteikava and transformed by Hébert (9-31, 65th), will also prove this and offer a precious offensive bonus to Évreux.

“During these final phases, it is first the “field points” which are taken into account,” explains Pascal Deleplanque. With this third try, we come home with the offensive bonus and therefore 5 points in our pocket. It’s very good and it rewards our good work in conquest and the seriousness of the guys. »

However, there is no question of releasing anything between now and next Sunday. The guys from EAC Rugby will also train three times, and even this Wednesday, May 1, 2024 in the evening, at the Navarre racecourse for the occasion.

Joy required after the match in the locker room. The Éacistes perfectly fulfilled their first contract in Épernay. ©EACR

“We’re only at half-time,” insists Pascal Deleplanque. And we will need all our supporters next Sunday to confirm the first round and complete this round. »

The appointment is made and registrations for the grill banquet are open (06 25 17 83 37) for those who want to be part of the party beforehand from 12:30 p.m. (meal at €15 for adults and €8 for children).

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