With Welcome to the Brittany farm, a day to learn and exchange

With Welcome to the Brittany farm, a day to learn and exchange
With Welcome to the Brittany farm, a day to learn and exchange

By Chantal Pape
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22 Apr 24 at 7:41

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“Every year, Bienvenue à la ferme organizes a day for bring the network to life “. After the Treuscoat estate, in Pleyber-Christ, two years ago, and the Sainte-Cécile farm, in Briec, last year, it was at the Trouzilit manor that the meeting was set. On this rainy April morning, they are around fifteen members to meet in Tréglonou, around a coffee. Producer honey or pasta, breeder cattle or pigs, oyster farmer or farmer-baker, they have in common that they sell all or part of their production in short circuit.

Common problems

“Our members can also hold guest rooms or lodges, educational farms or farm campsites, unusual accommodation or equestrian farms,” adds Audrey Thomas, host of the Bienvenue à la ferme network in Finistère. “Although they have very different productions or activities, they nevertheless have common problems, such as communication, welcoming customers, securing the farm… And these days allow them to‘to exchange on these subjects.

Be present on social networks

This year, after discovering the new interface of the website of Welcome to the farm, “which has just had a makeover”, members discussed the importance of communication and presence on the Internet and social networks. “Everyone is concerned,” says Audrey Thomas. “To sell your products, inform of an event or news, allow the online reservation of a gîte…”. The sharing experiences, practices and tips allowed members to increase their skills in this area.

Form partnerships

In the afternoon, they went to Plouvien, where Marine Bougeard introduced them to Grenier Miloé, her pasta manufacturing company, then to Le Cha oysters, in Landéda. “These moments of conviviality are also an opportunity to know betterthe activities of each other. And partnerships can come together, to diversify the offering of producer stores, find new ideas, develop new recipes…”.

After a morning in the gym, at the Trouzilit manor, in Tréglonou, the members went to Landéda to discover Le Cha oysters, guided by Glenn Charreteur and Fanny Guého. ©Welcome to the farm

Activities throughout the year

With 80 members in Finistère, the Bienvenue à la ferme network organizes events from one end of the year to the other : between the Christmas and summer markets, there are also the spring and autumn farmers’ markets. “During these days, each producer can offer the animations what he wants, an egg hunt for Easter, a hike in the surrounding countryside and a farmer’s picnic on the way back, made from market produce, a fest deiz…”.

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