After the accident at the fair in Blois, they talk about their experience on the ride

The accident on a carousel at the Blois funfair, Saturday April 20, 2024, during which a 27-year-old Blésoise was ejected before losing her life in hospital, Sunday April 21, gave rise to numerous stories under the Facebook post of The New Republic. In particular to bear witness to the fears experienced in this same NFL ride, in the colors of American football and new for this 2024 edition.

Aurélie is ” crazy “ thrill rides. But the 23-year-old young woman “didn’t laugh”Wednesday April 17, when she tested this ” new “ came to the exhibition center. “At first, it’s cute, when the disc stays on the ground, we spin it ourselves. But at one point the disc rises vertically. We have our backs to the sky and our eyes facing the earth. »

The NFL ride was one of the new features of the Blois funfair, which ended a day earlier, Sunday April 21, 2024.
© (Photo NR, Sébastien Gaudard)

“Hold on tightly to hold on to my life”

Problem, there was only one bar to hold on to. Without shoulder or waist harnesses or belts. “I had a gap of 20 cm with the bar in front of me. As soon as we were shooting, I could go over it. I strained like crazy on my arms. And then, the speed increases, the disc rises and the seat is perpendicular to the ground! My butt rose every time we turned. I had one arm under the bar to act as counterweight and the other arm to keep from tipping over. I told myself that I had to hold on to my life. » Accompanied by colleagues and friends, she then told them “not to get in”.

Audrey, another Blésoise, also has bad memories of the ride, tested on Sunday April 14. “When you’re all alone in it, even though it’s made for three, you’re tossed from right to left. There is too much space between the seat and the safety bar, approximately 30 cm facing stomach level, it is not tight! I was really scared. When I got out, my legs were trembling. If we don’t hold on, some people can fly off this ride. »

The ride was placed under seal by the police, at the Blois funfair, Sunday April 21, 2024.
© (Photo NR, Sébastien Gaudard)

The tragic accident on Saturday makes “sad” these Blésoises. “We go to the funfair to share good times, to enjoy…” As a reminder, the municipality of Blois has claimed that all the rides on the site have been checked. “When we set up a funfair, we carry out a parts check: technical inspection, insurance, professional civil liability. » An independent firm also verified “the correct assembly and issued a global certificate. » This ride, like the others, “was in order”recalled the municipality.



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