death of a 27-year-old woman, thrown from a ride

death of a 27-year-old woman, thrown from a ride
death of a 27-year-old woman, thrown from a ride

A 27-year-old young woman, originally from Blois, in Loir-et-Cher, died on the night of Saturday to Sunday, April 21. She was on a fairground ride when she was ejected.

A 27-year-old young woman died on the night of Saturday to Sunday April 21 after being ejected shortly after 11 p.m. from a funfair ride in Blois, in Loir-et-Cher, the town hall reported this Sunday .

A resident of Blois, the young woman, evacuated to the city hospital, “did not survive her injuries”, indicates the town hall in a press release.

The City deplores a “dramatic accident”, adding that “a legal investigation is underway”. “At this stage, we do not know more about the circumstances of this event,” said the chief of staff of the mayor of Blois, Jonathan Dogan, on BFMTV.

The funfair permanently closed

Installed at the Blois Exhibition Centre, “the funfair opened its doors on March 30 and was due to end this Sunday, April 21. It will not reopen its doors today following the dramatic circumstances,” writes the municipality.

The city specifies that it is particularly vigilant in controlling this funfair and says it “shares the pain of the victim’s loved ones”.

“Each year, the City mandates, at its own expense and without being obliged to do so, an external firm, approved by the Ministry of the Interior, to verify the conformity of the installations, in addition to the regulatory controls in force. A global certificate and a certificate per ride were issued”, she underlines, without specifying the type of ride on which the accident occurred.

The ride on which the 27-year-old woman was located before being ejected had undergone two checks, explains Jonathan Dogan on BFMTV.

According to France 3, the owner of the ride was taken into police custody for “involuntary manslaughter”. The ride must be subject to checks and has been placed under seal.

Addressing “his thoughts” to the victim’s family, the president of the Inter-Syndicale Union of Fairground Enterprises of France René Hayoun, regrets on BFMTV that “despite the competence and professionalism of our colleagues, once again, an accident has happened Unfortunately, we don’t know the causes. The investigation will reveal what happened.”

“Even we ask ourselves questions” about occasional ride accidents, he assures, explaining that his profession has approached the authorities “several times” and in particular “the Ministry of the Interior to reorganize the texts and strengthen audits of our activities.



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