a shop forced to close after the collapse of a facade

a shop forced to close after the collapse of a facade
a shop forced to close after the collapse of a facade

Part of the facade of a building, located on Avenue Jean Giono in Manosque, collapsed on Sunday April 14. A danger order was issued by the municipality in order to secure the premises.

Even today, Gilles and Catherine Delorme can’t believe it. Part of the facade of the building which houses their photography studio collapsed on Sunday April 14 evening in Manosque. This collapse interrupted their activity since the municipality issued a danger order to secure the premises.

Expertise must be carried out

“There is part of the plaster that has fallen and certainly part of the window,” Catherine Delorme, co-manager of Art Studio Phox, located on Avenue Jean Giono, explains to BFM DICI. “I can’t quite understand. It’s true that we’re not used to coming from this side,” she continues. According to the municipality, the facade block apparently fell due to rough work during the last renovation.

Since Sunday evening, it has been impossible for them to enter their store. Expertise must first be carried out to ensure the solidity of the structure. But faced with uncertainty, questions multiply.

“I have more than a pang in my heart. We are reliving confinement and the uncertainty that goes with it. It’s a lot in just a few years. This store is historic, we’ve been there for 29 years. It’s very hard “, confides Gilles, co-manager.

Created in 1967

The photography studio was created in 1967. It is considered a real institution in the town. This unexpected closure therefore surprised many residents like Lulu. “When we have to take photos or albums, I only have one address, it’s here,” he reports.

For his part, François admits that what is “annoying is not knowing how long it will remain closed”. Residents and managers in limbo who are now hoping for a positive outcome.

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