the price of gasoline has reached 2 euros

the price of gasoline has reached 2 euros
the price of gasoline has reached 2 euros

Fuel prices continue to soar in France. That of gasoline even reached the symbolic mark of 2 euros this Wednesday, April 17. Indeed, according to the various specialized sites, the upward trend in fuel prices is confirmed.

This Wednesday, Unleaded 95 (E5) is sold at 1.93 euros per liter. This represents an increase of 2 euro cents compared to last week. Unleaded 98 (E5) and Super 98 (E10) are respectively priced at 2 euros and 1.89 euros per liter (unchanged price for super 98).

For its part, the price of diesel rose to 1.80 euros per liter. The latter has therefore fallen by 1 euro cent compared to last week, according to the website

This increase in the price of gasoline will be a heavy burden for French consumers, particularly those who use their vehicles to go to work. We must therefore expect requests for aid from the government in this situation of budget deficit.

Moreover, the 40 million motorists association did not wait for gasoline to reach this threshold to react. She had launched a petition for a fuel cap of 1.50 euros. The claim has already been approved by tens of thousands of users since its launch on April 10.

Will the government react to the rise in gasoline prices?

Indeed, in just a few days, the petition from the collective of 40 million motorists has attracted growing support. At the origin of the initiative, “The prices displayed at gas stations recently are unprecedented and flirt happily with 2 euros per liter”noted the initiators.

“In just over a year, the liter of SP95 has gained 32 euro cents and that of diesel has increased by 21 euro cents. Compared to the average annual consumption of a motorist, this corresponds to an average additional cost of just over 200 euros per year (+13.3%) for each motorist.notes the association

It should be noted that the records observed in France at the end of last year led the government to put in place a series of measures to relieve the French budget, in particular the inflation allowance, the fuel check, etc.

This demand will therefore have to resurface in the face of the explosion in fuel prices. Other solutions apart from aid are also proposed. The collective of 40 million motorists is launching an appeal, not only to challenge the government, but also, and above all, “to encourage elected parliamentarians to tackle this issue head on and make concrete legislative proposals to reform the tax system for road fuels”, it is explained through the document in circulation. For the association, the situation “is not acceptable”And “is no longer tenable”.



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