Grande-Synthe: what we know about the death of a young man lynched in a parking lot

Grande-Synthe: what we know about the death of a young man lynched in a parking lot
Grande-Synthe: what we know about the death of a young man lynched in a parking lot

A young man was found unconscious during the night from Monday to Tuesday in a parking lot in Grande-Synthe (North) after having been beaten.

Taken care of by emergency services, the 23-year-old victim died Tuesday evening.

An investigation was opened to find the perpetrators of these acts.

What happened to Philippe, 23, during the night from Monday to Tuesday? The young man who worked in a socio-educational center was found unconscious by firefighters in the parking lot of a hypermarket in Grande-Synthe (North). The victim had multiple fractures and wounds, particularly on his face. The police quickly went to the scene and made the findings. A witness told investigators that the 23-year-old young man was on a telephone conversation when he was attacked by three individuals who stole his cell phone. The perpetrators then fled, leaving the young man for dead on the ground.

Immediately transported to hospital in an intensive care unit with a life-threatening prognosis, Philippe died Tuesday evening, April 16, 2024, as a result of his injuries, the Dunkirk prosecutor’s office announced this Wednesday.

A suspect in custody

Why did the young man, described by his relatives who launched a fund for his funeral as “honest, generous, full of life, always smiling and ready to help others”, was he lynched and left for dead in the middle of the night? This is what the police officers from the criminal brigade of the organized and specialized crime division (DCOS) of the interdepartmental judicial police service of the Nord department (SIP) 59) in charge of the open investigation of the chief will try to determine. of “attempted intentional homicide by an organized gang” initially, and reclassified on Tuesday as “murder by an organized gang”.

According to the first elements collected, the acts could have been committed by at least three individuals. “A suspect has been arrested and is currently in custody, he is a minor. Investigations are continuing actively in order to identify all the suspects and to clarify the circumstances of the commission of these facts”, announced the Dunkirk public prosecutor’s office this Wednesday.

Fallen into an ambush?

Several sources suggest an ambush after similar acts were committed 48 hours earlier in the same town. Indeed, according to our information, during the night from Saturday to Sunday, in the same area, a 39-year-old man who had made an appointment with a woman on the “Coco” dating site was hit by several armed individuals. of sticks and axes. The victim suffered several blows but managed to disarm one of the perpetrators and take refuge in a nearby snack bar. He was taken to hospital by paramedics who came to his aid.

Asked on this point by LCI-TF1, the public prosecutor of Dunkirk recalls that “rigorous investigative work is in fact underway in order to clarify the circumstances of the commission of the facts.” “All the conclusions which have already been published on this subject can only be hasty and they do not come from my office. I only communicate reliable and verified elements”she insists.

The magistrate refers in particular to certain articles published in the local press, notably The voice of the North, which indicate that Philippe “would have made a paid appointment on the Internet through a dating site and once there, he would not have come across the expected person” but on his attackers.

“A terrible attack”

Following this violent attack, Martial Beyaert, mayor of Grande-Synthe, reacted on social networks. “Our city experienced a tragedy last night with a terrible attack on a young person from Grande-Synthe.”lamented the elected official, before learning of the young man’s death.

“In these difficult times for our city, I ask you to keep your cool. And not to give in to injunctions, to excesses on social networks and in everyday life”, concludes the elected official in his speech. This Wednesday, several events planned by the city were canceled.

A hashtag on social networks

Since the announcement of Philippe’s death, a hashtag has appeared on social networks: #justicepourPhilippe. Several Internet users denounce the attack suffered by the young man, taking up certain elements of the local press which report blows carried out with the help of “baseball bat” and of “hatchet”.

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