EU: how much has the price of pizza increased in 2023?

EU: how much has the price of pizza increased in 2023?
EU: how much has the price of pizza increased in 2023?

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The price of pizzas in the EU saw a moderate increase in 2023, according to a new report from Eurostat. The price of dishes varies depending on the country.


According to Eurostat, the average price of pizzas and quiches bought in stores in the EU in December 2023 was 5.9% higher than in December 2022.

However, this indicates that the rate of price increase for these two dishes has slowed in 2023 compared to December 2022, when prices were 15.9% higher than in December 2021.

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Pizza and quiche lovers saw their prices increase in Hungary (+13.4%), Luxembourg (+11.3%) and Latvia (+10.6%). Prices also increased slightly in Denmark (+0.6%) and Belgium (+1.0%).

However, customers in the Netherlands could order these dishes at a slightly lower price, with a decrease of -0.9%.

The variability of pizza prices is influenced by different factors, including fluctuations in the prices of its main ingredients.

For example, in March 2023, the average price of oils and fats, key pizza ingredients, including olive oil, increased by 23% in the EU compared to March 2022, as reported by Eurostat.

Overall, the price of pizza is influenced by a combination of factors, with ingredient cost, location, competition and consumer preferences playing a key role in determining the final price.



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