Who will be Prime Minister? Clémence Guetté, Olivier Faure, Marine Tondelier… the names that are emerging on the left

Who will be Prime Minister? Clémence Guetté, Olivier Faure, Marine Tondelier… the names that are emerging on the left
Who will be Prime Minister? Clémence Guetté, Olivier Faure, Marine Tondelier… the names that are emerging on the left


Raphael Lardeur

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Jul 10, 2024 at 2:36 PM

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The political world is hanging on Emmanuel Macron’s every word. For three days, after Gabriel Attal’s rejected resignation and the results of the 2024 legislative elections, the Hôtel de Matignon has been looking for a new Prime Minister.

And it may be left-wing. The New Popular Front finds itself in a delicate position. With 182 seatsthis alliance comes out on top in the National Assembly, but diminished, with a very relative majority.

In this balancing act, in order to avoid a motion of censure, the New Popular Front must find a political figure who unitesbeyond the left. Between Clémence Guetté, Clémentine Autain, François Ruffin, Marine Tondelier, Olivier Faure and still and always Jean-Luc Mélenchon… Who will become Prime Minister on the left?

Clémence Guetté, new star of the left

On the side of La France Insoumise, this loyal supporter of Jean-Luc Mélenchon since 2010 seems to be the ideal candidate for the post of Prime Minister. At 32, Clémence Guetté was the coordinator of the campaign program of the rebellious candidate in 2022, which inspired the Nupes and then the New Popular Front. A central role between all parties.

Less divisive than other rebels, the name of Clémence Guetté regularly comes up in debates. “What if it was her?”, wondered, on July 8, 2024, the NFP deputy of Toulouse François Piquemal, on X.

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“We are a collective and it will be a change from the presidential monarchy,” replied the person concerned when she was asked about her interest in becoming Prime Minister, on the set of LCI.

Marine Tondelier, campaign revelation

She was at the helm in the left rally at the start of the legislative campaign. His numerous media appearances on the sets were noted and widely praised by his camp.

At 37, Marine Tondelier, the leader of the Ecologists party, seems to have unanimous support. As early as Sunday, July 7, the evening of the results of the second round of the legislative elections, many activists were calling for support for her candidacy for the post of Prime Minister.

The day after the results, Marine Tondelier established the “identity picture of the future Prime Minister”. “To be aligned with our program, a figure who must appease and repair the country, create consensus, competence and experience,” she declared to TF1.

Olivier Faure, a unifying profile

He is the boss of the Socialist Party. Olivier Faure assured, Tuesday July 9, 2024, be “ready to take on” the role of Prime Minister. Before adding: “I do not agree that anyone should impose their point of view on anyone.”

And his name is popular in his party. “He is the only profile that can reassure and be Prime Minister,” he declared to theAFPa little earlier in the day, the secretary general of the PS and European deputy, Pierre Jouvet.

The one who has just been elected in the 11th constituency of Seine-et-Marne, has a profile that could please the presidential camp. Can the government left stand out, despite having fewer deputies than France Insoumise?

Clémentine Autain, the dissident

“My name is circulating, I am quite ready to take on this responsibility if it is entrusted to me,” declared left-wing MP Clémentine Autain, on Public Senate, Tuesday July 9. Re-elected in Seine-Saint-Denis in the first round, she wants to embody this new left-wing political force.

Since Sunday evening, July 7, she has confirmed her break with La France Insoumise, with this announcement: she will not sit with the Insoumis group in the National Assembly. The cause? This “purge” that she denounces and which took place within the left-wing party at the time of the candidates’ investiture.

“We must re-establish ties, and therefore hope, for all French people,” she said on the set of Public Senatethis Wednesday, July 10, posing as a potential Prime Minister.

François Ruffin, the irresistible rise

He too is breaking with La France insoumise and more particularly with the leader of the rebels. This was during the campaign between the two rounds. “My disagreements with Jean-Luc Mélenchon are known, they are profound on democracy, on noise and fury rather than quiet strength,” the deputy from the Somme had confided to the microphone of RTL.

François Ruffin, re-elected in the Somme, does not hide his desires for Matignon. “If ever there is a consensus that should result in a name, I am ready to take the place that we want to transform people’s lives,” he said on June 13 on France Blue Picardy.

Considered less divisive than Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he suffers from a slight media deficit compared to the very (very) media-friendly leader of the LFI.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the indefatigable

He is a little more withdrawn. But the founder of La France Insoumise had declared himself before the first round of the legislative elections. The 72-year-old man said he was “ready” to lead the next government. Jean-Luc Mélenchon had also agreed with the idea of ​​the leader of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure: “It is the most important parliamentary group which proposes” its candidate, which does not amount to “imposing”.

But as he reminded us -.fr the professor of constitutional law, Mathilde Philip-Gay, with a relative majority, “the personality of the left must achieve a broad consensus”. Not sure that that of Jean-Luc Mélenchon meets this criterion in the face of the numerous criticisms of the executives of the left.

Les outsiders

In this great uncertainty, other political figures emerge. The former candidate of the ecologists for the 2022 presidential election, Yannick Jadotcould be approached by the head of state. At the time, two years ago, the senator had been approached by Emmanuel Macron to join the government, as he indicated to BFM TV.

Other names are likely to interest the left-wing alliance for the post at Matignon. Manuel Bompardthe coordinator of France Insoumise, whose speeches were precise, or even Mathilde Panotwho led the LFI group during the last term and has just been re-elected to this position.

Johanna Rollandthe PS mayor of Nantes, also stands out as a potential Prime Minister. Just like the socialist Boris Vallaudrecently re-elected in the 3rd constituency of Landes, with 56.65% of the vote.

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