Orban: Peace cannot be achieved from a comfortable armchair


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05. July 2024 – 12:36

(Keystone-SDA) Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban is increasingly portraying himself as a peacemaker in the Ukraine war. “You cannot create peace from a comfortable armchair in Brussels,” Orban wrote on the online platform X.

“Even if the rotating EU Council Presidency has no mandate to negotiate on behalf of the EU, we cannot sit back and wait for the war to miraculously end. We will be an important instrument in taking the first steps towards #peace,” he added.

Orban posted the words to accompany an interview excerpt in which he commented on his first visit to Kyiv since the start of the war on Tuesday and on his declared desire to work for peace.

Orban did not comment on a possible visit to Moscow, which has been speculated about, but simply said: “I travel to places where there is a threat of war or where there is a war that has negative consequences for Europe and Hungary.”

Orban is considered a friend of Russia and has often tried to delay or prevent negotiations on aid to Ukraine or sanctions against Moscow. During his visit to Kyiv, he called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to consider a ceasefire. There are currently no negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow.

Hungary has held the regularly rotating EU Council Presidency since Monday. Several media outlets had reported that Orban might travel to Moscow.

Orban was the last high-ranking representative of an EU country to remain in Moscow after the war began. He attended the funeral of former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in September 2022. The Russian leadership had seconded former President Dmitry Medvedev to the event.



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