The First Descendant: Unlock Bunny – Unlock Guide

The First Descendant: Unlock Bunny – Unlock Guide
The First Descendant: Unlock Bunny – Unlock Guide
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Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant: Complete Unlock Guide © NEXON

In The First Descendant you unlock new characters through research. Find out how to unlock Bunny on

Tokyo, Japan – The loot shooter The First Descendant for PC, Xbox and PlayStation offers its fans different game styles via the various characters, the so-called “Descendants”. Early in the game you can unlock the lightning artist “Bunny”. We’ve listed the individual steps for unlocking Bunny here: You need certain materials and 400,000 credits.

The First Descendant: Unlock Bunny – 3 missions, 3 materials

Step 1 of the Bunny Mission: Look around the “Kingston” area, in the eastern area you will find Bunny and you can talk to her. Bunny explains that you need 3 specific materials. You can get them as follows:

  • Bunny Enhanced Cells
  • North of Bunny’s first location you will find the battle mission “Vulgus Field Generator”. Upon completion you will receive the first item.
  • Bunny Stabilizer
  • Complete the mission “Leads for the Future” during the main story to get the second item.
  • Bunny Spiral Catalyst
  • Return to Kingston and search for the Battle Mission “Vulgus Data Transmitter”. After completing it, you will receive the final item from step 1.

As you unlock the game, you will have to complete more missions and at the end you will need 400,000 credits to research the Descendants. Here you will find tips on which Descendants are suitable for you to start with and here is a trailer for the Descendant Bunny:

The First Descendant: Bunny freischalten – Slumber Valley

Step 2 of the Bunny Mission: Follow the quest marker back to Kingston and speak to Bunny. You can then accept the mission “Slumber Valley” right next to her. Complete the mission and you will receive the next task to collect another material. Incidentally, Bunny is also at the center of the discussion about freedom of movement in The First Descandant:

Unlock The First Descendant: Bunny – Amorphus Material Pattern: Bunny

Step 3 of the Bunny Mission: To get the last item to craft from Bunny, you have to travel to Albion and speak to the NPC “Seneca” right at the entrance. You have to defeat a GraveWalker. You can start the “GraveWalker Void Interceptor Battle” with Seneca. Beforehand, take a look at the NPC’s information about the GraveWalker, here you can find out more about the boss’s weaknesses and how to defeat him.

At the end of the battle, be careful which item you choose as a reward. Here you have to select “Amorphus Material Pattern: Bunny” to get the “Bunny Code” to unlock Bunny. With this item, you have all the items you need.

The First Descendant: Unlock Bunny – Complete Research

Step 4 of the Bunny Mission: You have to complete the last step in Albion again. To do this, follow the quest marker to the NPC “Anais”, she is responsible for researching the Descendants, but also has weapons on offer. You can craft Bunny from her in exchange for the items you have collected and 400,000 credits. Now a timer starts counting down and when the time is up you have to pick up Bunny from Anais. If you want to watch the steps in the video, you can find an English guide here:

The free2play shooter The First Descendant went online on July 2nd. Here you can find all information about the game and the release.



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