Swiss Football Association – Swiss Cup: Draw of the 1st round on 1 July in live stream

01.07.2024 00:34

Swiss Cup: Draw of the 1st round on 1 July in live stream

The Swiss Men’s Cup will celebrate its 100th anniversary with the 2024/25 edition and will have a new visual appearance at the start of the new cup season. The new look will be seen for the first time at the draw for the first round on Monday, July 1, 2024, at 12:30 p.m. in the House of Swiss Football in Muri. Dominique Schaub, Head of Legal Services at the SFV, and Aline Trede, member of the SFV Central Board, will draw the 32 first-round matches.

The draw for the first round can be viewed live on and on the SFV YouTube channel.

The 64 teams participating in the Swiss Cup in the 2024/25 season were divided into four
regional pots. Representatives of the Swiss Football League (Super League and Challenge League) can participate in the
first round. The lower-class clubs enjoy home advantage up to and including the semi-finals.

The participants of the 100th edition of the Swiss Cup:

Pot A
BSC Young Boys (SL)
FC Basel 1893 (SL)
FC Sion (SL)
FC Thun Bernese Oberland (ChL)
Neuchâtel Xamax FCS (ChL)
FC Biel-Bienne 1896 (PL)
SR Delémont (PL)
FC Monthey (1.L)
FC Solothurn (1.L)
FC Langenthal (1.L)
FC Prishtina Bern (1.L)
FC Printse-Nendaz (2.L)
FC Aemme (2.L)
FC Haute-Ajoie (2.L)
FC Subingen (2.L)
FC Le Communal Sport Le Locle (2.L)
FC Wallbach (3.L)
SC Schwyz (3rd place, Suva Fairplay Trophy)

Pot B
FC Winterthur (SL)
FC Zurich (SL)
Grasshopper Club Zurich (SL)
FC Aarau (ChL)
FC Schaffhausen (CHL)
FC Baden 1897 (PL)
FC Rapperswil-Jona (PL)
FC Tuggen (1.L)
SC YF Juventus (1.L)
FC Wettswil-Bonstetten (1.L)
Train 94 (2.L inter.)
FC Suhr (2.L)
Zürich City SC (2.L)
FC Regensdorf (2.L)

Pot C
FC Lausanne-Sport (SL)
Servette FC (SL)
Yverdon Sport FC (SL)
Star Carouge FC (ChL)
FC Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy (ChL)
FC Stade Nyonnais (ChL)
Vevey-Sports (PL)
FC Echallens Region (1.L)
Lancy FC (1.L)
Signal FC Bernex-Confignon (2.L inter.)
FC Dardania Lausanne (2.L)
FC Genolier-Begnins (2.L)
FC Ursy (2.L)
FC Champel (2.L)

Pot D
FC Lugano (SL)
FC Lucerne (SL)
FC St.Gallen 1879 (SL)
AC Bellinzona (CL)
FC Wil 1900 (CL)
FC Paradiso (PL)
SC Kriens (PL)
SC Brühl SG (PL)
FC Mendrisio (1.L)
AC Tavern (1.L)
FC Gambarogno-Contone (2.L inter.)
SC Emmen (2.L inter.)
KF Dardania St.Gallen (2.L inter.)
Chur 97 (2.L inter.)
FC Altstätten (2.L inter.)

FC Malcantone (2.L inter.)
FC Besa (2.L)
FC Schattdorf (2.L)

New products for the cup anniversary

In addition to the new visual appearance, Cup fans can also look forward to various anniversary surprises on the new website Under the Statistics section, there is a newly programmed and interactive tool that offers many exciting facts and figures from 100 years of the Swiss Cup to discover. There is also an anniversary competition in which Cup fans can win 2 VIP packages and 50×2 tickets for the 2025 Cup final in each round. A Q&A with questions and answers about game organization and resources for the clubs are also included on the Cup website. Further anniversary promotions will be presented on Tuesday, August 13, before the start of the first Cup round, as part of an anniversary press conference.




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