Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Connect to Public Wi-Fi While Traveling

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Connect to Public Wi-Fi While Traveling
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Connect to Public Wi-Fi While Traveling

Are you going on vacation soon? We explain why you should not use public Wi-Fi and why you should restart your smartphone every day during your stay.

In some foreign countries, making or receiving a call, sending a message or using 4G can quickly cause our phone bill to explode. So a Once the plane has landed, we often tend to pull out our smartphone to connect to the first public Wi-Fi. Bad idea.

Cybercrime risk

A recent press release from software company Visma sends a clear message: avoid using public Wi-Fi at all costs. Now (to our great joy) free Wi-Fi is available everywhere, in bars and restaurants, airports and shopping malls. And while the idea of ​​connecting to these networks to search for information on the web or simply chat with our friends and family may be tempting, it is nevertheless dangerous. Indeed, many public Wi-Fi networks are unsecured and do not use encryption, which makes it easy for cybercriminals to intercept the data sent and received.


But how do hackers use our data? These malicious people carry out what are called “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks. They manage to place themselves between users and the Wi-Fi router, and can thus steal sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers. Another way to steal personal data is to create fake Wi-Fi networks that look like free networks. Once the person is connected, the hackers have access to all their internet traffic.

Even in hotels

Thought your hotel Wi-Fi network was 100% secure? While most hotels protect their network with a password, this network is not without risks. Indeed, the networks used do not apply individual encryption for each user, which means that other hotel guests using the same network could potentially intercept your traffic.

La solution?

According to Vilma, the solution is to use 4G, a mobile hotspot or a VPN. Before leaving, it is also recommended to update your smartphone. This small gesture ensures that the latest security changes have been installed. Once on vacation, we also remember to update our phone every day to delete temporary files and potential malware.

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