99 years of cloud storage subscription at -70%? This is the pCloud deal

99 years of cloud storage subscription at -70%? This is the pCloud deal
99 years of cloud storage subscription at -70%? This is the pCloud deal

In the middle of the sales period, the Swiss online storage provider pCloud is taking part in the party with a colossal promotion. Its offer Lifetimewith a duration of 99 years giving access to 1, 2 or 10 TB of storage, benefits from a reduction of up to 70%. But be careful, this offer will end on July 16.

Summer is often the occasion to immortalize your vacations, outings and other drinks on the terrace. So many moments of life that quickly fill up the smallest hard drive and physical storage space. That said, it is possible to turn to online storage. But not all are equal. Most free services offer tiny space, while their paid subscription quickly makes a hole in our savings.

That’s where pCloud comes in. The Swiss storage service offers a 99-year subscription that only requires a one-time payment. And luckily, it’s currently on sale until July 16, 2024:

  • The Premium 1TB storage package at 199 euros instead of 664 euros, a reduction of 70%;
  • the Premium Plus 2TB storage formula at 279 euros instead of 828 euros, a discount of 66%;
  • the Ultra 10TB storage subscription at 890 euros against 2,119 euros, a promotion of 58%.

Better still, whatever the formula chosen, the subscriber benefits from the pCloud encryption option for free to protect their files.

pCloud goes beyond simple online storage

While three plans are available, ranging from 1 to 10 TB of storage, the intermediate subscription remains the best value for money offered by pCloud. The service thus gives access to 2 TB of space. Suffice to say that to store videos, photos, music tracks or large documents, there is no shortage of space.

The strength of pCloud lies in the many features it offers to optimize online storage. The option pCloud Encryption is the most telling example. This service allows you to encrypt the most sensitive files directly on your device. A protection that prevents a third party from viewing them without authorization. Better still, this usually paid option is offered with the pCloud Lifetime subscription.

The free encryption option // Source: pCloud

pCloud also thinks of those who want to use its service daily with the features pCloud backup et pCloud rewind. The first offers the possibility to save and group all the content of all its connected devices in the same place. Content that can even come from third-party storage services. The second, it allows to recover old versions of files modified or moved to the recycle bin. Documents that can be up to 30 days old.

Accessibility at all times

The other advantage of an online storage service like pCloud is its accessibility. Once again, the Swiss company demonstrates all its know-how with a service that is particularly easy to use. It is thus possible to access your personal space from a web browser (Chrome, Opera and Mozilla), thanks to an extension that allows you to save files directly to your account.

A desktop application, compatible with Windows, MacOS or Linux, is also available. A real virtual hard drive, it can even automatically store selected files on the Cloud. A good defense against losing documents in the event of a computer failure. Finally, pCloud offers a dedicated mobile application, available on the Google Play Store or the AppStore, to manage your data wherever you are. Synchronization is also done in real time, which allows you to permanently access the latest version of a file.

The variety of devices compatible with pCloud also ensures easy sharing of documents between users. For example, it is possible to generate download links to share with the users of your choice to transfer any of your files, without the recipients needing a pCloud account. Above all, the download links ensure the sharing of photos and videos in their original quality.

What about security?

In the face of cybersecurity threats, pCloud has made it a point of honor to ensure the greatest possible data protection. The service uses TLS/SSL encryption, which applies to files transferred from a device to a server. What’s more, files are copied 5 times and stored on three different servers located in different locations within the same data center.

A service available on many devices // Source: pCloud

Being domiciled in Switzerland, pCloud is subject to the country’s privacy laws. Its legislation is among the strictest in Europe. pCloud does not transfer any files between its European and American servers without the user’s express consent. The data remains in the region of the user’s choice.

A service on promotion for the national holiday

To stand out from other online storage services, pCloud is not afraid to offer a lifetime subscription (lasting 99 years) with a single payment. No more monthly bills that regularly weigh on our savings: here, we only pay once to benefit from pCloud storage.

And on the occasion of July 14, pCloud is taking the opportunity to drastically lower the price of its subscription. Thus, the pCloud Premium Plus 2 TB + pCloud Encryption combo is billed at 279 euros instead of 828 euros. An immediate discount of 549 euros, or 66%. But hurry up, because this promotion is available until July 16.

Those who only need 1TB of storage will quickly turn to the Premium plan, billed at 199 euros instead of 664 euros. Finally, professionals requiring colossal storage capacity will benefit from the Ultra plan and its 10TB of space. This one displays a price of 890 euros instead of 2,119 euros.



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