His Neuralink chip made him unbeatable at video games: an unexpected effect

His Neuralink chip made him unbeatable at video games: an unexpected effect
His Neuralink chip made him unbeatable at video games: an unexpected effect

Noland Arbaugh, the first patient to receive Musk’s Neuralink implant, is starting to see extraordinary results. In addition to controlling a computer mouse with his mind, he is now able to master the basics of gaming. Amazing, isn’t it?

An accident is not always the end for a persone. Losing the use of one’s limbs does not mean that life is coming to an end.. Noland Arbaugh is living proof of these concepts. This 29-year-old man manages to control technology, just with his thoughts. He is the first patient to benefit from Elon Musk’s Neuralink. His feat will amaze you.

An aim bot integrated into the brain, thanks to Neuralink

FPS game fans all know aim bot cheat method. This approach makes it possible to target your enemies with astonishing ease. What if you have this advantage in your brain? That’s what Noland Arbaugh feels right now.

« I actually have an aimbot in my head. (…) They’ll probably have different leagues for people like me because it’s just not fair,” Noland says on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

No need for several lines of code to use this technique. For Noland, his mind and the Neuralink are enough. He also added that the speed and precision of his movements are very astonishing.

« It’s so good that it moves before I even think about it moving.. If you think about moving your hand, the signal is already sent before you even move it.”

Le futur champion de Call of Duty ?

The aimbot technique is very widespread in the FPS world, and especially on Call of Duty. However, Noland Arbaugh is not yet experienced enough to venture into this game.. The movements are very fast and varied. Our hero needs to train before embarking on this path.

However, Noland has distinguished himself on other famous games. We can mention the world reference of strategy games Civilization VI. He also launched on Mario Kart with the Neuralink.

Within a few years, Musk’s implant patient zero will be able to play several popular games. However, specialists must perfect the device to prevent failures.

Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel for Neuralink?

Life hasn’t always been rosy for Elon Musk and his teams. Indeed, the Neuralink suffered a malfunction a few weeks ago. The wires of the device became detached from the brain of Noland ArbaughThe engineers then had to find solutions to correct the situation.

They were able to reimplant these wires. After this procedure, Noland Arbaugh experienced an improvement in his abilities. Moving a computer mouse, playing video games, but how far would he go?

Musk’s device will then be a great asset for people with physical disabilities. On the other hand, Can everyone interested benefit from this technology? Don’t forget to give your opinions in the comments.

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