Firefox 128 wants to focus on respectful advertising campaigns

Firefox 128 has just been released, with a number of improvements of varying magnitude. One of them is the overhaul of the data deletion dialog. Firefox’s browser has been aligned with Chromium, with more fine-grained settings and the ability to delete data over a specific period of time.

Several interesting options also appear in the settings. The most notable is the appearance of a section “Website advertising preferences”. One option, checked by default, allows websites to carry out advertising measurements while respecting privacy.

In the linked datasheet, Mozilla explains that this feature, called PPA (privacy-preserving attribution), allows the measurement of the performance of advertising campaigns without tracking. In its operation, PPA is reminiscent of the system implemented by Apple. The feature is described as experimental by Mozilla, which intends to make it a web standard.

In the settings, two more options active by default have been added. The first allows to display “trending” searches, if the engine configured by default supports this function (this is the case of Google). The second allows the display of recent searches.

Other additions include the ability to play protected content from streaming sources (like Netflix) in private browsing, the ability to use a DNS proxy when using SOCKS v5, and the ability to translate text selections from the context menu. On Android, passkey support is expanded to third-party managers. On Mac, there is an improvement in audio quality.

Finally, Firefox 128 fixes sixteen security vulnerabilities, four of which are of high severity.



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