the underside of sextech

the underside of sextech
the underside of sextech

There is news that we don’t expect. Like the disappearance of Lora Di Carlo in 2022, against the backdrop of a technological scandal. This week, and when no one expected it, it was Fun Factory and Satisfyer who made headlines. The two brands that are among the big names in international sextech have just formalized a merger that no one really expected. This Thursday, July 4, 2024, the behemoth EIS / Satisfyer / Triple A announced the acquisition of the entire product portfolio, patents, designs and trademarks as well as the Fun Factory brand stocks, as part of a sale of assets with effect from October 1, 2024.

A surprise announcement

Rumors were already circulating about the probable injection of the Satisfyer group into Fun Factory shares. It must be said that the two German brands benefit from complementary know-how: on the one hand, Fun Factory is a pioneer in the sextech marketwith strong technologies and multiple award-winning proprietary designs. The brand remains a benchmark of its kind, but is struggling to maintain its place in the face of the new industry giants that have emerged in recent years.

The other, Satisfyer is a behemoth with huge ambitions. The brand has built its success thanks to dozens of sex toy models — including its iconic Pro 2 clitoral stimulator — as well as one of the most advanced connected applications on the market. Today, the group is present in more than 80 countries, and has several hundred references in its catalog. The acquisition of the Fun Factory patent portfolio therefore promises to further broaden the brand’s horizons.

Nevertheless The announcement of the takeover comes as a surpriseon both sides. Internally, we are confirmed that a good number of the brand’s employees were not “not at all aware“. Enough to raise questions about the future of the historic German brand.

What future for Fun Factory?

Satsifyer wants to be reassuring: by buying Fun Factory, the sextech giant has no intention (for the moment at least) of burying its former competitor. The stakes are probably too high, as the manufacturer is a Proust madeleine for many users. “Nothing changes,” a Fun Factory spokesperson confirms. The brand will continue to innovate in the sextech marketlike the Mea, Duke and Vim, launched earlier last year.

The only notable difference: Satisfyer will now benefit from a Exclusive license on pulsator technology as part of its acquisition. While the brand has already confirmed that it has licensed its technology to other players in the sector, it also promises to “actively protect (its) patents and enforce them against any infringement“. Knowing the company’s recent legal actions, we trust it on this point.

New things coming to Satisfyer

More than just a financial acquisition, Satisfyer intends to capitalize on the patents filed by Fun Factory. After low-frequency vibration and contactless pressure waves, the German giant wants to seize the Stronic/Pulsator technology, already seen on the new Stronic G Forte model, which Fun Factory announced a few weeks earlier, and which will soon be the subject of a detailed test on the Geek Journal.

The strengthening of the EIS group also comes Consolidate Satisfyer’s strike forcewhich has long been aiming to overshadow Wow Tech. As a reminder, Fun Factory was behind several major innovations in the sex technology market. The German brand founded in 1996 is responsible for the first models with interchangeable lithium-ion batteries, magnetic charging and the use of biocompatible silicone, at a time when the competition was banking on phthalate-enriched polymers. It remains to be seen what sauce the vibrator pioneer will be eaten in.

Another latent question, and this time rather optimistic: the possibility for Satisfyer to relocate part of its production to Germany. Fun Factory is the only brand to have opted for European manufacturing, and indeed has its own factories across the Rhine. Contacted by the editorial staff, the brands have not yet given us a clear answer.

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