6 inventions born in Auvergne

6 inventions born in Auvergne
6 inventions born in Auvergne

Auvergne, a region in the heart of France, is the birthplace of several inventions that have marked history and continue to influence our daily lives. From the automobile industry to fashion, science and sports, here is an overview of six remarkable innovations that were born in Auvergne!

1. The removable tire by Michelin (1891)

In 1891, André and Édouard Michelin revolutionized the automotive industry by inventing the demountable tire. This innovation, which made tires easier to change, was quickly adopted by car manufacturers around the world. In the early 20th century, tires began to incorporate a metal bead in the bead to improve their rigidity, and carbon black was added to increase their resistance to abrasion. The contribution of the Michelin brothers, originally from Clermont-Ferrand, thus laid the foundations for the modern tires we use today.

2. The Pascaline, the first calculating machine (1642)

Invented by Blaise Pascal, the Pascaline is recognized as the first calculating machine in history. Designed in 1642 to help his father in his work as a superintendent and tax collector, this machine simplified arithmetic operations. Although produced in few copies due to its high cost, it inspired modern calculators. Blaise Pascal, born in Clermont-Ferrand, also left his mark as a mathematician, physicist, philosopher, and theologian.

3. Enameled lava (19th century)

Auvergne has been exploiting volcanic lava for centuries to build monuments. In the 19th century, this stone, known as Pierre de Volvic, was transformed thanks to the invention of enameled lava. This material, prized for its robustness and decorative properties, is used to create decorative objects and information panels. Enameled lava is distinguished by its durability and unique aesthetic, becoming a must-have in the fields of construction and decoration.

4. The Jellyfish Shoe (1946)

In 1946, Jean Dauphant, a cutler from Thiers, invented the plastic shoe, known as the jellyfish. This innovation was born in a context of leather shortage after the Second World War. Initially designed as a work shoe, robust and easy to maintain, the jellyfish quickly gained popularity on the beaches. The “Sun” model, with its gelatinous and translucent appearance, became emblematic and remains an essential summer accessory, still produced today in France.

5. The virus decontamination tunnel (2020)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Clermont-Ferrand-based company JLB Technologies is developing a decontamination airlock. This device disinfects people in seconds, effectively eliminating pathogens. Already used in the United States, this decontamination tunnel represents a significant step forward in the fight against infections, demonstrating Auvergne’s commitment to the field of health technologies.

6. The Rugby Training Robot (2017)

Developed by the SIGMA engineering school and the 2MATech company, in collaboration with the ASM training center, the rugby training robot is a major innovation in the sport. This robotic rugby yoke allows players to train in conditions close to reality, simulating a scrum to improve the technique and performance of rugby players. This invention is an example of the application of robotics in the sports field, contributing to more effective training.

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