First Ariane 6 rocket launch broadcast live

This is a historic event! Tuesday, July 9, 2024, the European rocket Ariane 6 will leave Earth for the first time, from the launch pad of the Guiana Space Center, based in Kourou. To follow this takeoff live, the meeting is at the Cité de l’espace. From 7 p.m., the public will be able to free access to its gardens and exhibitionsupon registration.

A 5-star cast

Participants will benefit from explanations from the mediation team of the scientific museum. Different space community stakeholders will also be there. Starting with Lionel Suchet, Deputy Director General of the National Center for Space Studies (CNES). Two other CNES specialists will be present: Caroline Laurent and Philippe Curot. Benoît Pouffary, former chief engineer of the Ariane 6 launch system, will also provide his expert eye.

“These latter will return to theAriane 6 project historythe mission plan and the challenges for the European space industry,” specifies the Cité de l’espace team. In addition, a debriefing will take place on stage after the launch, to close the evening.

Towards a new generation of launchers

As a reminder, 15 years of research and development were needed to succeed Ariane 5. The full-size model of this rocket even sits proudly in the heart of the science museum. For its part, Ariane 6 is a multipurpose rocket, capable of deploying a range of different satellites in all orbits. Its inaugural flight has two main challenges. On the one hand, the development of a new generation of space launchers. On the other, the return of a autonomy of access to space for Europe.

The beginning of a long series of launches

“With the next launch already scheduled for the end of the year, I am convinced that Ariane 6 will soon reach a regular launch cadence for all types of satellites and application and exploration missions, for the benefit of Europe and humanity,” says Toni-Tolker Nielsen, Director of Space Transportation at ESA. In the meantime, the eyes of the international space community are fixed on Kourou.

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