Free content for The First Descendant now. Unlock it all by watching!

Free content for The First Descendant now. Unlock it all by watching!
Free content for The First Descendant now. Unlock it all by watching!

Game news Free content for The First Descendant now. Unlock it all by watching!

Published on 07/05/2024 at 11:49

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Twitch and Nexon are teaming up to bring The First Descendant players exclusive rewards. Find out what you can get for free with the Twitch Drops program and how to claim them… it’ll only take 2 hours!

As of July 2, 2024, The First Descendant is officially available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. This TPS looter shooter, infused with sci-fi elements, offers a free online experience. This title also supports cross-play and cross-save, allowing players to continue their progress across different platforms. The community can now enjoy exclusive free content by watching game streams on Twitchthanks to the official Twitch Drops program.

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Exclusive rewards thanks to Twitch!

Nexon and Twitch are offering five exclusive rewards to players who watch streams of The First Descendant. To get these rewards, simply link your Nexon and Twitch accounts and then watch streams. Any content creator can choose to enable the “Twitch Drops” option in their broadcast options, allowing their viewers to acquire these gifts. The rewards are cumulative and are unlocked according to the total viewing time of the streams. Unlockables include cosmetic items and in-game currency to customize your character and upgrade your gear.. Here is the list of rewards:

  • 15 minutes of viewing : “Delicious Pizza” Attachment
  • 30 minutes of viewing : 15,000 Gold + 1,500 Kulper Shards
  • 60 minutes of viewing : Emote “Gloomy”
  • 90 minutes of viewing : “Color Twitch” Paintings
  • 120 minutes of viewing time : “X-ray” attachment

Attention, the event has already started and will end on July 29th. Once the rewards are in your inventory, don’t forget to collect them before they disappear on August 5th.

Other rewards to be obtained as compensation

The First Descendant has had an impressive start, reaching a peak of over 229,257 concurrent players on Steam. However, the game received harsh criticism from players, who reported numerous performance drops, even on powerful machines. The developers posted a message on the studio website to apologize for the inconvenience and acknowledged the frame rate drops. They proposed a temporary solution: reinstall the gamestating that most of the issues were with players who pre-downloaded it before launch.

Despite this message, the title continues to encounter difficulties, prompting the studio to promise various rewards to appease disgruntled players. These compensations include increased drops, Kuiper Shards, experience boosts, and more! The South Korean studio’s game is also marred by omnipresent microtransactions. However, its community remains active and eagerly awaits changes in upcoming updates.

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